Actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan due to the financial crisis. The young television actor ended his life on May 15 leaving his wife shattered. His friend Manjit Singh, who knew him from the last five years, shared a video with ETimes where he appealed to the TV association to help Manmeet’s family and other actors in the future.Also Read - Manmeet Grewal Suicide: Nia Sharma Writes a Heartfelt Note, Appeals to TV Producers to Pay Due Salaries to Actors

In the video, he says, “Manmeet and I have been friends together for 5 years and we were like brothers. We were known as the Manmeet-Manjit’s jodi and worked on many projects. I have seen a lot in the last few days and want to talk to the aspiring actors. Manmeet committed suicide during the lockdown and his own family refused to take the body. People called for help but because of the pandemic nobody was ready to touch the body.” Also Read - TV Actor Manmeet Grewal Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself, Friend Manjit Says Neighbours Didn't Help Fearing he Had Coronavirus

He also added that Manmeet’s wife is shattered after his death and keeps looking at the fan. He also revealed that Manjit had seen bigger problems in life, but he don’t know why he gave up this time. He was quoted as saying, “Manjit had seen bigger problems in life, but don’t know why he gave up this time. There were problems, he had a loan on his head and we were discussing how we will get through it, but he took the decision. I am not able to come to terms with the news of death. I still feel that he will come from somewhere and talk to me. I would like to tell that people commit suicide without thinking about their family members. I have seen Manmeet’s wife getting shattered in the last five days. I call her Didi because she ties rakhi to me and she is devastated after Manmeet’s death. Manmeet ki wife ko maine paanch din tak usi flat mein, usi pankhe ke niche usko dekhke tadapte hue dekha hai. She got so unwell that I had to take her to the hospital and she had to be admitted in the hospital, but as there is no one to take care of her we had to send her to Punjab. The local Gurudwara committee came forward and helped us. With their help, I have been able to send her to Punjab.”

Earlier, Manjit spoke to SpotboyE and talked about the entire incident. He said, “He was very normal that evening, went to his room and locked it from inside. That time his wife was in the kitchen making food. When she heard the noise of a chair, she rushed to the bedroom and held him. She screamed a lot for the help and neighbours did come hearing the noise but no one came forward to help or get him down.” Manjit added that the neighbours who gathered at the flat kept staring at his friend and recorded videos instead of helping his wife bring him down. He said most people feared that Manmeet had coronavirus and they refused to touch his body. “He had hung himself with a dupatta but no one was ready to touch him or cut the dupatta, fearing he was suffering from Corona. Then a peon came and he cut the dupatta and took him down.”