The team of Alt Balaji’s Apharan promotes its web show on the show. Bela is kidnapped again. She asks the goons about the woman behind her kidnapping. They tell her that they don’t know the woman but they have been paid well by her and she told them Bela is naagin. Vishaka and Vikrant are confused as they search for Bela. Also Read - Maharashtra News: 5 Killed, Many Critically Injured After Boiler Blast in Nagpur Sugar Factory

Vish uses the powers of the crown to find out Bela. The two pray. Vish then announces that Bela’s real-life partner would be able to find her and they should, therefore, ask Mahir to help them search for Bela. Vikrant feels upset realising that even the universe has declared Mahir as Bela’s real love and he couldn’t do anything. He tells Vish that they should definitely go to Mahir and seek his help. The two proceed. Also Read - Surbhi Jyoti Treats Fans to Drool-Worthy Pictures From Dubai And Internet Can't Keep Calm!

Mahir recalls how Bela told him about her reality and why she killed his family members one by one. He throws his photo with Bela on the floor and its frame breaks off. Mahir picks up the broken glasses and hurts his finger. His mother comes to his rescue and asks him if everything is alright between them. He then tells her that his younger brother, Yuvi, is no more. He also tells her that Bela had made an entry into his family to take revenge and that Yuvraj is dead. His mother slaps him in shock. She then starts panicking. Mahir starts crying and she consoles him. She tells him that everything will be alright soon.

Bela thinks of Mahir and screams his name repeatedly, asking for help. Vikrant reaches Mahir’s house and waits for him outside. Meanwhile, his mother appears in front of him and he tells her that Bela is in trouble. Bela, on the other hand, tries to scare one of the goons. She tells him that two among them just turned themselves into a snake and he should think of his safety. The man falls in Bela’s trap and frees her. The two escape.

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Vikrant’s mother tells him that she has kidnapped Bela in order to get the naagmani. He pleads in front of her to not kill Bela. However, his mother doesn’t pay any heed and walks out of the house in her naagin avatar. Bela successfully escapes and asks a woman for her phone. She tries to call Mahir but before that, a policeman sees her and calls Mahir. He tells him about Bela’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, the goons find out that Bela has escaped and they promise Vikrant’s mother that they will get her back.

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Mahir looks for his missing car keys but instead gets hold of the crown that Vikrant had accidentally thrown under a chair. As he touches it, he gets a glimpse of Bela’s whereabouts. A shocked Mahir thinks how is he able to see Bela and where she is currently. He then repeats the process and identifies the road.

Vishaka asks Vikrant if he could get through Mahir. A devastated Vikrant tells her that he couldn’t meet Mahir and he doesn’t know anything about where he is. Vishaka tells her that he should feel ashamed of himself since he didn’t help in saving their naagrani Bela. Vikrant shouts at her and tells her to shut up. He then reveals everything about his mother to Vishaka. Vish gets shocked hearing about his mother. She scolds him for his ill-deeds and tells him that he should be anointed for the most disgusting person. Vikrant convinces her that he will not let Bela die. She continues to scold him and says that she doesn’t need his help, she will find Bela herself. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Mahir confronting Bela about why she killed his brother Yuvi. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Naagin 3!