Naagin 3 latest news: Mahir kisses away Bela’s tears under the moonlight. Bela then explains how she now wants to revamp his room and Mahir tells her that he understands her pain and will never let her face any problem alone. He then kisses her forehead and tells her that everything in his life will always happen as per her wish. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Contestants News: Naagin 3 Star Pearl V Puri Offered Rs 5 cr to Participate in New Season?

Vyom asks Bela’s sister about her conversation with Bela. She tells him that Bela agreed to anoint her as the Naagrani. She also thanks him for saving his life and showing her the real face of her sister and mother. Vyom then recalls how he saved Bela’s sister’s life and brainwashed her into being Bela’s enemy and his friend. He also recalls how he told Juhi that it was her sister, Bela herself, who killed her to win the crown of Naagrani. Also Read - Maharashtra News: 5 Killed, Many Critically Injured After Boiler Blast in Nagpur Sugar Factory Also Read - Surbhi Jyoti Treats Fans to Drool-Worthy Pictures From Dubai And Internet Can't Keep Calm!

Vishaka teases Vikrant by acting pregnant. The two get involved in a sweet scuffle. Bela tells herself that she will never let Vikrant be successful in his plans. She reveals that she will make her sister, Juhi, the new Naagrani, the next morning.

The next day, Bela and Juhi go out to realise their big moment. Only when they are stepping out of the house, Mahir’s mother stops them and insists they have breakfast before they go out. Vishaka interrupts and helps them out. The three then see Vikrant outside the main door. Therefore, they decide to climb out of Bela’s room in their Naagin avatar to hide from Vikrant. Then, Mahir meets them and tells them he will drop them to the Mandir.

While in the car, Juhi turns into a Naagin and bites the car’s tyre. The tyre gets punctured and the three escape. They reach the Haveli where Bela is going to give her Naagrani-crown to Juhi. The latter gets eager and expresses she can’t wait to be the Naagrani. Bela shouts at her and tells her to calm down and wait for Naagrani Maa.

Vishaka asks Bela if she’s really sure about giving her crown to Juhi. Bela explains to her why she feels Juhi will be a perfect fit for the role. Meanwhile, Vyom asks Juhi to behave less excited. The two realise that Juhi doesn’t have her special ring on her finger. Vyom then flies away to search for the ring.

Photo Courtesy: A TV Screenshot

Photo Courtesy: A TV Screenshot

Mahir calls the priest and gets to know that Bela never visited the mandir. Vikrant goes out in search of the three women and stumbles down in front of the Haveli. He finds Juhi’s ring. Vishaka tells Juhi that she wants her to be a righteous Naagrani, much like her elder sister, Bela. She then initiates the process by blowing the shankha (conch shell). Bela then reminds Juhi of all the promises she will have to make as the Naagrani.

Just when she’s going to put the crown on Juhi’s head, Vikrant comes in and asks her to not give her crown to her. He tells Vishaka that if Bela isn’t believing him, then she should stop her because Juhi’s intentions are not good. Juhi asks Vikrant to justify what he’s saying with a proof. He then shows her the ring and tells Bela-Vishaka that it belongs to Juhi, which is the proof that she has now joined hands with Vyom. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Mahir entering the haveli only to find Bela and Vishaka dressed up as Naagins. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Naagin 3.