Naagin 3: Vyom attacks Vikrant and Vishaka. Bela confronts her sister, Juhi, about joining hands with Vyom in killing them. Juhi then asks Vyom to kill either Vikrant or Vishaka. She tells Bela that she has stolen her right to become the Naagrani. She also accuses her of planning her murder. Bela tries to make her understand that she is innocent and she never tried to kill her. She also warns her against Vyom and tells her that he is the one who’s instigating her against Bela. Bela then agrees to give her crown to Vyom. Also Read - Surbhi Jyoti Treats Fans to Drool-Worthy Pictures From Dubai And Internet Can't Keep Calm!

Bela crowns Juhi and makes her the new Naagrani. She then asks Vyom to let go off Vishaka and Vikrant. Vyom frees them and leaves the Haveli with Juhi. Vishaka and Vikrant ask Bela to follow Vyom and save the Naagmani. Bela tries to stop Juhi from taking Vyom near the Naagmani. However, the two turn successful in stealing the Naagmani. Seeing that, an angry Bela breaks the glass and enters the main room where the Naagmani was kept. She finds many Naags and Naagins lying dead there. Bela cries and goes back to her mother. She tells Bela that she shouldn’t cry because she hasn’t done anything wrong on her part. She also asks her to be courageous enough to bring the Naagmani back. Also Read - Naagin 3 Fame Surbhi Jyoti's Hot Pictures in Ethnic-Wear Are All we Need to Brush Aside Mid-Week Blues!

Bela then promises her mother that she will bring back both the Naagmani and her sister, Juhi. Meanwhile, Mahir reaches the haveli and asks Vishaka about the whereabouts of Bela. Vish tells him that he should let her leave for now and she will answer him later. Vikrant turns into Yuvi’s avatar in front of him. Mahir is left shocked. He attacks Vikrant and asks him where is the real Yuvi. Vikrant tells him that Yuvi has died long back and it was him who was living in their house as Yuvi. Mahir breaks down. He reaches his home. His mother asks him about Yuvi and he tells her that he doesn’t know where he would be.

Bela looks out for Juhi and Vyom. She sees Juhi entering a cave with Vyom and other vultures. She also follows them inside. She sees Vyom addressing his people, telling them that they have won the Naagmani. He introduces them to Juhi, the Naagrani. He asks Juhi to give him the Naagmani. Juhi proceeds. She hands over the Naagmani to Vyom, who starts celebrating.

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Bela talks to Juhi and tries to make her understand that Vyom will kill her now that he has got the Naagmani. Juhi refuses to believe her and tells her that he will kill her. Juhi asks Bela to shut up. Vyom then looks out for Juhi. She goes to him. Vyom then announces in front of his fellow vultures that they are all eating Naagin Juhi tonight. Juhi is left shocked. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Bela escaping with Juhi. Watch out this space for more updates on Naagin 3!