Naagin 5 August 9, 2020 Written Update: Sarvashresth Adi Naagin (Hina Khan) begins narrating her story to Bela (Nia Sharma). She says its way back centuries ago when Naagin did not have the blessings of taking human forms. During that time, Cheel (Eagle) had the blessing of taking the human form and it tuned out to be a curse for the Naagins. The army of cheels come and eat the dead animals which marks the entry of Dheeraj Dhoopar. Adi Naagin reveals that they became stronger and dangerous for Naagins. Also Read - Naagin 5 August 9, 2020 Written Update: Lord Shiva Calls Sarvashresth Adi Naagin to Reveal Secret of The Temple in Bid to Save Dev

Parag Tyagi plays the role of the king of Cheels who orders the army to hunt for Naag mani and the army attacks the temple. Adi Naagin then attacks the army by blowing fire from the mouth and then she takes the human form as she protects the naag mani from the cheels. This was the first time when Naagin took the human form. Lord Shiva appears in front of her and orders her to destroy the cheel army. She then fights with them using her power and with the blessing of Lord Shiva. After winning the fight against cheels, Lord Shiva blesses Adi Naagin of being Sarvashresth Adi Naagin. Lord Shiva performs tandav in the temple. Also Read - Hina Khan, Mohit Malhotra, Dheeraj Dhoopar Starrer Naagin 5 Premieres Tonight: Everything You Need to Know About Supernatural Show

The King of Cheels and his son (Dheeraj Dhoopar) gets furious to take revenge from the Naag and Naagins after they killed six cheels from their army. The cheel leaves for the temple in a bid to take the revenge.

On the other hand, Adi Naagin meets with her Naag Raj (Mohit Malhotra) and he gets smitten by her human form and their romance begins. Adi Naagin meets the Cheel and he compliments her beauty. Naag Raj comes to save her from the cheel and asks her to stay away from him but the Cheel falls in love with Naaheshwari (Hina Khan). The Cheel holds her hand and tries to take her with him but Naag Raj pushes him and both start to fight and Cheel flies away. Adi Naagin and Naag Raj hug each other.

Cheel tells his father that he has fallen in love with Adi Naagin. His father promises that Adi Naagin will be his but first he needs the Naag Mani. The Cheel promises to get Naag Mani and the army flies away towards the temple to get the Naag Mani. The Cheel asks his army to stay behind and he will alone go inside the temple but the army denies and says that the king has asked to keep him safe. The Cheel fights with his army.

Meanwhile, the priests of the Shiv temple gets busy with the preparation of Adi Naagin and Naag Raj’s wedding. The priest blessed Adi Naagin and says that after their wedding, the temple will be blessed once again.

The Cheel stands at the temple’s gate and Naag Raj enters the temple and argues with the Cheel. Injured Cheel asks for forgiveness and plays his dirty trick to attain love of Adi Naagin. He further asks the permission to enter inside the Shiv temple as he cannot enter until Naageshwari invites him inside. Adi Naagin then invites Cheel inside the Shiv Temple. The priest asks Adi Naagin to not allow him inside the temple but Naag Raj says that the Cheel is injured and he should be allowed inside the Shiv temple. Ad Naagin allows Cheel to enter inside the Shiv temple and Naag Raj welcomes him. However, getting beaten up by his army and pretending to be injured was all his trick. This makes Adi Naagin, Naag Raj and other Naag and Naagins fearful.

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