Naagin 5 August 16, 2020 Written Update: Jay (Mohit Sehgal) and Meer (Sharad Malhotra) get into a physical fight at their friend’s wedding. Jay gets beaten up by Meer. Noor (Bride) tells Bani that Meer has an alcohol business but they run various illegal businesses at the backdrop of their alcohol business. Bani interferes in between the fight and tells Meer to stop fighting but Meer is left lovestruck after seeing Bani. Jay comes in between Bani and Meer and hits Meer hard on the face. As the music plays in the background, Jay hits Meer and Meer asks his friends not to come in between and let him beat him up. Meer and his gang of friends leave from the house. Bani realises that Noor is missing and suspects that Meer Singhania and gang took her with themselves. Also Read - Naagin 5 August 16, 2020 Written Update: Adi Naagin, Cheel Aakesh, Naag Raj Reborn Again, History to Repeat Itself?

She decides to go and search for Noor and Jay insisted that he will come with her to find Noor. Jay and Bani officially introduce each other, shake hands and search for Noor. They find Noor in the midst of a road and jungle but Jay declares her dead. Jay looks at the two eagles flying in the air and they come and sit beside Noor’s body. Jay asks Bani to leave as eagles might attack them. As they walk past the eagles, they meet Meer who stops by in the jeep. Police reach the location and when they try to report the death, Noor body is not found at the spot where Ban and Jay found her. Bani says that they need to search for her and they need to split up. As they gear to split, Jay’s sleeve gets struck with Bani’s bangles. Jay gives his phone number to Bani and asks to call him as soon as she finds Noor.

Bani gets into the jungle and find a couple, who is scared and injured and blabbers that ‘she is dangerous’, ‘there is a body’. Bani inquires about the body and records in her phone, Meer and his gang carrying Noor’s body. Meer and his gang bury Noor’s body. Meer and his gang turn into an eagle and flies away. Bani swears to get justice for Noor and Meer falls in love with Bani and Bani falls in love with Jay. Jay is asthmatic and moonlight cures him. Bani gets the feeling of hatred for Meer.

Parag Tyagi enters the show as Meer’s father and is worried for his son. The next scene goes in a flashback where Meer finds out that he is an eagle when a snake tries to attack him. His father tells him that they are the enemy of Naag and Naagins. His dad tells him that sunlight is their enemy because snakes are powerful during the day and weak during the night so whenever he wants to go out, he should go only at night. His father remembers the prediction that Meer aka Akesh Cheel will be killed by a powerful snake during the broad daylight.

Meer tells his dad about Bani and how he has fallen in love with her. On the other hand, Bani tells her elder sister about last night’s incident and says that she needs to go to the police station to file for an FIR. Jay has a fun time with his siblings and they reveal that his skin texture and eye colour changes. He reveals that he is lovestruck after seeing Bani.

Bani calls up Jay but Meer picks up the call. The scene goes into the flashback fighting scene between Jay and Meer where it shows that Meer took Jay’s phone. During the phone call, Bani reveals that she recorded Meer burying Noor is going to the police station to file an FIR.

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