Naagin 5 August 16, 2020 Written Update: Bani reaches police and show the video to the cop. Meanwhile, the scene takes you in the flashback and shows that Meer did not kill Noor but it was somebody else. Meer just buried her. On the other hand, police delete the video and blames Bani for wasting the time of the cop and levelling false allegations on the family. As Bani storms out of the police station, Meer meets Bani and they keep looking at each other. Also Read - Naagin 5 September 27 Maha Episode, 2020 Written Update: Adi Naag Attacks Adi Naagin, Bani Saves Veer

Bani and Meer fight argue with each other as former calls the latter a murderer and asks him to stay away from her. The scene takes you back to the time when Akesh Neel and Naageshwari met for the first time. Jay and Bani start investigating the case and Bani reveals that she has found Jay’s phone. On the other hand, he and his men investigate and look for Jay and Bani and try to save themselves. Bani waits for a public vehicle and Meer comes to her on the bike and offers her the ride. Meer’s father slaps him for roaming around during the broad daylight. Jay goes through an asthma attack. Jay fell down unconscious. Also Read - Naagin 5 September 26, 2020 Written Update: Mayuri Makes Plan To Kill Bani Through Veer, Hallucinates Jay To Kill Adi Naagin

Bani enters the shiv temple to save Naina (who turned into a Naagin) and two men, who take Cheel form, comes in front of Bani. On the other hand, Jay tries to take his asthma pump which but fell unconscious. Cheels attack Naina and Jay finally takes his asthma pump and inhales it and comes back to his senses. Jay fell unconscious. Also Read - Naagin 5 September 20, 2020 Written Update: Jay Along With Mayuri To Kill Adi Naagin?

Noor takes the entry in the temple in a form of Naagin and Bani too takes the form of Sarveshreshth Adi Naagin.

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