Naagin 5 Written Update: The Naagin 4 finale opens up in ‘purana rahasya mandir’ where Brinda (Nia Sharma) takes Dev (Vijayendra Kumeria) at one corner of the temple and makes him lie down as he is injured and his life is in danger. Shalaka (Rashami Desai) and Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani) enters the temple to take the Naagmani and attack Brinda. They tell Brinda that Dev can only be saved only through the ‘raaz’ of the temple which has not been sought by any of the naagin or human clan till now. Adaa Khan (Shesha) comes to help Brinda for the truth and helps her the attack of Vishaka and Shalaka. The Naagins try to take the naag mani from Dev but they are attacked by Brinda, in a bid to protect Dev.Also Read - Hina Khan, Mohit Malhotra, Dheeraj Dhoopar Starrer Naagin 5 Premieres Tonight: Everything You Need to Know About Supernatural Show

Naag Rani Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) appears in the temple and all are others bow down to show respect to her. She then takes out the naag mani from Dev and meanwhile, Vishaka attacks Shesha. Shesha attacks back and kills Shalakha. Bela takes the full avatar of Naag Rani and kills Vishaka with her poison. Dev succumbed to his injuries and dies leaving Brinda devastated. Bela tells Brinda that the secret of the temple will bring back the soul of dev. She reveals that most powerful Naagin, Sarvashresth Adi Naagin (Hina Khan), knows the secret and she is the only one who can tell them the secret and she can only be called by Lord Shiva.

The three naagins, Bela, Brinda, Shesha do tandav to impress Lord Shiva so that he can call Sarvashresth Adi Naagin. Lord Shiva appears and does tandav to call Sarvashresth Adi Naagin.

Lord Shiva says that he is impressed with Bela, Brinda, Shesha and says Sarvashresth Adi Naagin can narrate her story and bring back the soul od Dev but doing so, the past will repeat itself and she has to go through similar pain of losing her love. He also reveals that her past will become present.

Adi Naagin tells Brinda that they have only 15 minutes to save Dev and take out the naag mani from his body and for that they need to perform tandav and impress Lord Shiva. All the four naagins – Bela, Brinda, Shesha and Adi Naagin perform tandon and be successful in taking out the naag mani. Baffled Brinda asks Adi Naagin why Dev is not waking up and she responds that first, she needs to tell her the secret of the temple which will bring back the powers of the temple that will reincarnate Dev.