Naagin 5: Tonight’s episode begins with Bani crying for changing the past. She says that she was re-born to take revenge from Cheels but she instead fell in love with Veer. Hence, she will be punished. Her sister Meera tries to convince her that it is not her fault. Veeranshu gets choked and Bani tries to save him but instead Veer shouts at her for overreacting. Farishta, on the other hand, threatens Bani for not completing the task given to her. Jay tells his aide that his parcel will reach the Singhania house any time and hence there will be a ‘dhamaka’. Bani’s family and Singhania’s family plan a vacation and at the same time, they receive the parcel sent by Jay. Bani wonders if the parcel is a part of Farishta’s plan to kill Veer and she stops him from opening it. Veer then pushes Bani away and he once again feels the pain in his head.Also Read - Congratulations! Kundali Bhagya’s Dheeraj Dhoopar And Wife Vinny Arora Are Expecting a Tiny Miracle - See Adorable Pic

Veer opens the wooden box and smoke comes out of it leaving Bani worried for him. Veer once again shouts at her for overreacting to something and calls her a gold-digger. He further says that he dislikes her and wants her to stay away from him. Veer finds a note in the box that reads ‘Congratulations For The Bar’ and his brothers take out alcohol bottles from the box and say cheers. Veer then tells Bani that he doesn’t like shouting at women and hence asks her to leave the house. Also Read - 'Goodbyes are Hard': Manit Joura Gets Emotional as he Leaves Kundali Bhagya

Veer’s father comes to talk to Bani and she says that she will never leave the house. He then says that Veer has changed for good, all because of her, and wants her to stay in the house but not come near his eyesight for a while. He requests Bani to stay in the house and protect Veer. Bani says that she will never leave Veer. Also Read - Naagin 5 Actor Kajal Pisal Tests Negative For COVID-19, Says ‘I Almost Saw My Death Bed’ After Suffering From Vertigo

Bani goes out of the house and finds rudraksh necklace and wonders what is it doing at Singhania’s residence. She is unaware that she is dead. She calls her and the priest at the Shiv temple picks up the call. The priest then decides to break his promise and tell the truth to Bani.

Bani enters the home and sees blood marks all over the house. She shouts Veer’s name and rushes upstairs and meets Farishta instead. When Bani asks what did he do, he replies that he has begun the revenge that she was unsuccessful in. She says that she is Adi Naagin and can take revenge on her own without anybody’s help. She further says that she cannot kill innocent people. Veer’s uncle tells him that Bani will be killed by the Cheels and keeps threatening her and Bani kills him. Bani tells Fariushta that she killed him because he confessed that he will be back to the revengeful Cheel phase.

While Veer is driving along with his brothers, Bani comes in front of the car. Bani says that she went to the shop to buy new clothes for him and Veer retaliates by saying that she should leave him alone. Bani requests Veer not to go anywhere but he says that she has no right to stop him. Veer leaves and Bani tries to follow him. However, she is unable to take the avatar of Adi Naagin. Jay asks the call girl to woo him and Veer enters the club. Jay thinks that no one will be able to save Veer this time. Monica tries to woo Veer but he hallucinates Bani’s face. Bani gets jealous seeing Veer having an intimate dance with Monica. He keeps hallucinating Bani. Jay asks Veer’s brother to dilute the solution in his drink and the rest will be done by Monica. Bani drags Monica away and starts dancing with Veer. Veer pushes her away.

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