Naagin 5: Tonight’s episode begins with Veer losing his senses and Monica gets him to the room. Bani and Jay start looking for Veer as he guides to the room where Veer and Monica are lying on the bed. However, when Jay reaches the room, he finds Bani and Veer sharing a romantic moment leaving Jay in dismay. Veer then gets up from the bed and calls Bani ‘desperate’ and asks her to leave. Bani then asks him why he did not let Monica touch her. In the flashback scene, Monica tries to get intimate with Veer but he pushes her away. Bani enters the room and threatens her that if she doesn’t leave the room, she will call the cops. Veer then calls Bani a stalker. Bani tells him that he loves her and he feels his pain. Veer pushes her and she falls on the table and gets hurt. Veer then asks her to sit down and he applies ointment on her hands.Also Read - 'Goodbyes are Hard': Manit Joura Gets Emotional as he Leaves Kundali Bhagya

Jay along with Daksh and others in the bar see Farishta. Jay takes Naag Raj’s form and hides. Farishta hypnotizes everyone in the bar and asks about Veer’s whereabouts. Suddenly, as Farishta goes up, the building starts to tremor and Farishta captures Veer-Bani. Jay wonders if Farishta took Bani and Veer along with him. Bani and Veer fall on the ground. Veer is unconscious and Bani tells Farishta that Veer is innocent and takes Adi Naagin avatar. However, she fails as Farishta has made her weak. Farishta attacks her and she falls on the ground. Farishta attacks Veer constantly and Bani seeks Lord Shiva’s help. With Lord Shiva’s help, Adi Naagin breaks the magic of Farishta and she tries to stop him from killing Veer. Farishta tries to kill Bani but she attacks him. Farishta re-appears and attacks Bani. She then gets up and attacks Farishta with an iron rod. Bani tells him to kill her instead of Veer and as his duty, he is born to spread love and not hatred. Also Read - Naagin 5 Actor Kajal Pisal Tests Negative For COVID-19, Says ‘I Almost Saw My Death Bed’ After Suffering From Vertigo

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Veer comes to his senses but loses his memory again and leaves. Farishta realises that the story has been changed due to true love between Veer and Bani. Bani also leaves and calls Jay. The priest reaches Singhania’s residence to meet Bani. Daksh informs Jay that the priest has come to meet Bani. Veer feels uneasy and his father asks him to take care of himself. Bani sees injured Farishta and apologises to him. Bani seems to be losing her Adi Naagin powers as he is unable to heal Farishta. Farishta succumbs to his injuries and apologises for the curse he has given to Bani and Veer.

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