Naagin 5 October 18, 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with a grand party at Singhania’s residence where Jay offers a drink to Meera. Veer and Bani share a romantic dance as Veer’s father seems upset with Bani. Veer and Bani are trying to know who is the evil power in the house and Jay drags her in his arms. Meera walks towards Markat and the latter gets scared of her presence. Jay reminds Bani of ‘vartaman jaal raat’ and tells her that she needs to change her snake skin due to which she becomes very week and anybody can try to harm her. Jay takes Bani out of the house but feels shiverish and Jay gets successful in making her believe that she is weak for the night.Also Read - 'Goodbyes are Hard': Manit Joura Gets Emotional as he Leaves Kundali Bhagya

Veer’s mother Markat appears in front of Bani in her true form, half snake, half eagle, leaving Bani shocked. Markat takes the human form and attacks Bani. Markat then reveals her face to Bani and Bani too reveals her Adi Naagin form. Bani asks Markat about what creature is she. The former tells Adi Naagin that she is a unique creature with Naagin and Cheel powers and they begin to fight. Markat challenges that she can kill Adi Naagin and if she can, then she should try to stop her. Bani attacks her back and injures Markat. Veer enters the garden area and see his mother fallen on the ground. Market tells Veer that Bani attacked her and he takes his mother inside the house. Also Read - Naagin 5 Actor Kajal Pisal Tests Negative For COVID-19, Says ‘I Almost Saw My Death Bed’ After Suffering From Vertigo

Markat reveals that she is the mother of Veer and Jay and to obtain the special power of Naagin and Cheel, Jay needs to beat Veer. Bani tells Veer about Markat and says that Jay and Markat have come together and want to kill her. She further asks Veer if she is with her and with his mother in the fight. Veer and Bani fight with each other in front of Jay. Veer accuses Bani of plotting strategies against him and his family and Jay is just a puppet of hers. He further says that he will not let his mother Markat to be part of her plotting. Veer pushes back Jay and locks Bani inside a glass cage. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Arjit Taneja Tests Positive For COVID-19, Under Home Quarantine

Jay goes inside the room and Markat enters and tells him that she will kill Veer’s father and other cheel in the house except Veer. Meanwhile, Veer sees Bani roaming in the corridor but later finds her locked inside the glass cage.

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