Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5 begins with Jay mixing a potion in the swimming pool and smoke comes out of it and gets inside Bani, who is sleeping inside her bedroom. Hallucinated Bani comes out to the swimming pool area and acts just as Jay orders her to do. He asks Bani to call Veer and kill him. Veer comes out and pulls Bani towards her and Veer and Jay start fighting with each other. Jay orders Bani and she starts screaming Jay’s name and tries to stop Jay and kill Veer.Also Read - 'Goodbyes are Hard': Manit Joura Gets Emotional as he Leaves Kundali Bhagya

Bani gets back to her senses and asks Veer what is she doing in the pool area and why there is a dagger in his hands. She then hurt herself with a dagger and blames Veer for that. Veer is confused as to what is happening with Bani and tells her that he will never hurt her. Jay then comes to Mayuri’s room and tells her about his plan. Veer gets a white cloth for her and tries to clarifies that he did not harm her but she did it herself. Veer then asks her to make him count one incident when he has hurt her. He added that they don’t trust each other. Veer further reveals to Bani that Jay is the mastermind behind the incident and he was trying to control her. Also Read - Naagin 5 Actor Kajal Pisal Tests Negative For COVID-19, Says ‘I Almost Saw My Death Bed’ After Suffering From Vertigo

Jay attacks Pompi and tells him that he will kill him and tell everyone that he is a fearful eagle. Mayuri then hallucinates Pompi. Bani, on the other hand, sit on the lounge chair and think about whatever Veer told her. Veer asks Bani to not go out of the Singhania mansion for next 24 hours and Bani challenges him that she will step out of the house within 24 hours. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Arjit Taneja Tests Positive For COVID-19, Under Home Quarantine

Bani asks Meera to help her get out of the house and she enters the house as a dancer. Shukla sees Meera and informs Mayuri about the same. She tells Shukla to get Veer outside the main gate of the house and to keep an eye on Bani. Veer’s father looks for Shukla and he decides to stick to his plan of finding about Bani’s plan and why Veer doesn’t remember anything. Bani dresses up as a dancer same as her sister Meera. Mayuri, in order to get Adi Naagin out of the house, performs on Afghan Jalebi. Shukla also stops Veer from going upstairs and later his father starts talking to him.

Bani tries to go out of the house, Jay awaits but Veer stops her.

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