Naagin 5 September 19, 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with Bani taking the Adi Naagin form and going to the party but she couldn’t find Veer. Veer sits by the poolside and remembers the moments spent with Bani but as he remembers that she killed her brother, he feels agitated. Bani meets his friends and brothers at the disco and acts that she is very upset about not finding Veer and the brother takes her to Veer. She takes the Naagin form and gears up to kill Pankaj but Veer comes and she turns back into human form. Veer and Bani get into a war of words and falls into the pool. Veer takes off the chain that she is wearing around her neck as a mangalsutra. Bani tells him that this marriage does not exist for her as they only hate each other. Veer pulls her down the pool as she starts to drown but he pulls her up again. Also Read - Naagin 5 October 18, 2020 Written Update: Bani To Know About Jay's True Motive? Cheel Aka Sharad Malhotra Makes Grand Entry

Meanwhile, the police inform Jay’s family that they still can’t find him. Bani goes to the forest to look for Jay but fails to find him. A girl jogging in the forest finds Jay tied up and unconscious. A snake comes to lookout for Jay but the girl turns into a peacock and eats the snake. Mayuri, the peacock, takes Jay along with her. Also Read - Naagin 5 October 17, 2020 Written Update: Jay Looks Out For Red Stone, Bani Doubts Veer's Identity But Who is This Blue-Eyed Entity?

The next day, Bani takes off all the curtains from the house as Cheel can’t tolerate the sunshine. Jay’s father shouts at her for bringing down the curtains but she says that it will take time to bring new curtains and asks everyone to clean the house. Mayuri brings Jay to her home and tells her partners that their plan will start from today. Shukla calls Mayuri if Naag Raj is found and alive. She reveals her plan that they need to get Bani in her Adi Naagin form in front of Veer so that Veer can kill Bani which will make the peacock vansh stronger. Bani and the other members of the Singhania family clean the house. Veer enters the house and tells Veer to free his brothers so Bani says that she will only if Veer will get to work. Also Read - Naagin 5 Spoiler Alert: Bani To Find Out True Identity of Veer Aka Dheeraj Dhoopar, Sharad Malhotra To Make Grand Comeback

Bani then asks the cook what the family eats for breakfast but everyone gets scared. She then orders cook to make paranthas. Veer drops dirty water bucket on Bani. Mayuri enters the house and flirts with Veer. She then asks Veer’s father if she can stay in the house and he agrees. Maturi trips and keeps her hand on Bani and she gets a flashback of Mayuri finding Jay.

Bani goes to Shiv temple and seeks answers about Mayuri and Jay. Two priests enter the temple and ask her to listen to her heart and she will know all the answers. Mayuri back at home flirts with Veer but he does not seem interested. Bani enters the house but even she is not interested. Mayuri keeps a party at home to go with her plan to reveal Bani’s true identity to Veer. Veer tells Bani that he or his family did not kill Jay. Jay, on the other hand, get back into his senses.