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Naagin 5 September 26, 2020 Written Update: Mayuri Makes Plan To Kill Bani Through Veer, Hallucinates Jay To Kill Adi Naagin

Naagin 5 September 26, 2020 Written Update: Know Here All That Happened in Tonight's Episode.

Updated: September 26, 2020 9:26 PM IST

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Naagin 5
Naagin 5

Naagin 5 September 19, 2020 Written Update: Tonight’s episode begins with Mayuri mixing a tablet in Bani’s water and she drinks it and as she tries to execute her plan, Bani backfires and shows that Mayuri’s aide is trying to rape her, in front of Veer and he beats up the makeup artist. At the same time, Jay gets conscious and calls up Bani but she does not pick up her call. He then turns into Naag Raj and reaches Veer’s house where he finds that Bani has got married to Veer and leaves from there heartbroken.

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Mayuri hosts the reception party for Bani and Veer and asks Veer’s aides to flirt with the female guests. Veer’s brother tears up Meera’s dress and Bani comes in between to save her sister. Veer comes and slaps his brother and asks him to respect women and apologise to Meera. Bani threatens Mayuri to stay in her limit and not harm her family members. Jay comes in front of Bani and takes her out of the house and she breaks down into tears seeing him alive. Jay narrates what happened with him on the cliff but assures it was a plan to kidnap him. Bani breaks the news that she is now married to Veeranshu Singhania and Jay asks the reason why did she marry Veer. She says that she married Veer to take revenge from the Singhania’s for his death. She further tells him about Mayuri. Jay leaves from the Singhania house and as Bani turns, she finds Mayuri standing at the entrance.

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Bani touches Mayuri’s hand and learns that Mayuri is a peacock, enemy of Naag vansh, and they get into a physical fight and family members come outside and be a mute spectator of their fight. Veer asks them to stop and helps Bani to get up from the mud pond. Jay goes back to the house where he was kidnapped and a man catches him with a gun pointing towards him.

Meanwhile, at Singhania’s house, Bani comes out of the bath and Veer helps her to put medicine on her back. They get into ugly war of words once again. Mayuri threatens Bani but she threatens her back that Singhania’s doesn’t know that she is a peacock and if she tries to harm her, she will tell Singhania’s about her truth. Bani comes back to the room where Veer is sleeping and thinks about the plan by which Veer will attack her first so that she can kill Veer.

The next day, Bani plans to make Veer so angry that he would attack her. Veer collides with Mayuri who is seen taking the trolley of food for the family. Bani comes in a gorgeous dress and takes the trolley of food to Veer’s father. Bani creates a drama during the office meeting where she makes alcoholic drinks for his colleagues and makes a drink for herself. Meanwhile, Mayuri and Veer’s father’s aide plan to hallucinate Jay against Bani, in order to kill Adi Naagin. They also plan to get Naag Mani in front of Veer which will make him angry and he will try to kill Bani and at that time, they will keep their arrows ready to kill Bani.

Bani, on the other hand, behaves that she is drunk in front of the family and Veer’s father’s office colleagues. Bani starts dancing to create more drama and make Veer angry. Veer enters the room clapping for Bani and asks her to come along with him but she denies and continues to dance. Veer then picks Bani in her hands and she asks him to put her down but instead, they fall down having a romantic moment. Mayuri attaches the drops of Naag Mani on Bani’s broach and waits for it to stick with Veer as they execute their plan. Veer tells Bani that he knows that she is not drunk and asks her the reason for her drama. The broach pricks Veer leaving Naag Mani essence onto him making him feel nausea. He wonders what happened to him as his Cheel eyes sparkle and Mayuri comes to him confirming that within 6 hours, Naag Mani will work on Veer. Jay suggests her to trigger the weakness that will make him angry. She remembers the dead body of his brother, whom Bani killed and Veer kept it in a basement.

Veer drinks his whiskey and Mayuri tries to make him furious against his wife Bani. He comes back with his drink and breaks the glass in his hand. Veer once again feels nausea and later feels immensely angry.

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Published Date: September 26, 2020 8:37 PM IST

Updated Date: September 26, 2020 9:26 PM IST