Today’s episode begins with Piya running to stop Ansh from tying the mangalsutra on Dilruba’s neck. Throwing the neckpiece aside, Piya says that it is an identity of a wife and that Ansh is her husband hence, it’s her duty to protect him. Dilruba pushes Piya away which makes Ansh scream out her name but he immediately collects himself, unbothered. Not to be deterred, Piya takes the form of a three-faced snake while Dilruba attacks her. In her defense, Piya throws the vase and other items at her and tries to poison her but Dilruba breaks free from Piya’s clutches. Also Read - Bhojpuri Actor Monalisa Not Open to Nudity in Films And Web-Shows, Says 'I Have my Inhibitions'

Ansh surprisingly comes to Dilruba’s aid but Piya tries to make him recall Dilruba’s previous follies. Mohana tells Piya not to be softened by Ansh’s tears as he is not in his senses. Pia looks at him sadly while Mohana wishes that the morning sun comes out soon so that she regains her powers. Dilruba suddenly gets hold of Piya’s neck and asks Ansh if she should eat her up and to Piya’s shock, Ansh gives his permission. Dilruba bends towards Piya but the sun shines its first rays on Mohana, restoring her lost powers. Gripping Dilruba’s neck by her long braid, Mohana tries to strangle her. Ansh tries to help Dilruba but is stopped by Piya. She is asked to move out of his way but determined by her love, she hugs him to stop him. Ansh breaks into tears and hugs her back tightly while the other family members break free of Dilruba’s evil magic and come around to their senses.

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On the other hand, the priest informs Guru Maa of Naman running away, carrying Ruby’s daayan powers. Saanvi says that he might still be in the house as she had spotted the marks of twisted feet on the floor in the house. Following the footprints, they reach the bathroom to find Naman in the jacuzzi, talking like Ruby. He tells them to get lost and later comes out, confident that they were no match for him. The priest tries to stop Saanvi from attacking Naman, saying that he remembers what Ruby had done before dying hence, he cannot let her be killed.

In the pre-cap of the next episode, Ansh is shown asking Piya about all he did under the grip of Dilruba’s magic. Piya brings the daayan tree there to show him the truth but Mohana says that Ansh will not see the truth instead, he will see what Mohana wants to show him. Watch this space for latest updates on Nazar!