Colors TV’s Rising Star has introduced a new low on Hindi television. The show let the two male contestants perform despite their lewd comments against female judge Neeti Mohan in one of the episodes. The popular singing reality TV show is out with its latest season and on episode three, it called two contestants, a singing duo. After establishing that they make quite a Jai-Veeru kind of pair, the two went on to praise Neeti. One of the contestants said that Neeti was looking ‘Kadak and Raapchik in a laal saree‘. The sad part comes now. Also Read - Aditya Narayan And Shweta Agarwal to Get Married Today, Dad Udit Narayan Says Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone Also Invited

After hearing this, all three judges took an offence. Neeti, in fact, lashed out at the duo and said that she’s representing women on the panel and therefore, will never let anyone use such derogatory language against any woman on the show. She even stood up and started leaving. Diljit Dosanjh, another judge on the show, requested the show’s team to call the contestants some other time for the audition. Even Shankar Mahadevan criticised the duo. However, a moment later, all three judges started laughing, announcing, quite candidly, that they were joking. Also Read - Aditya Narayan-Shweta Agarwal Tilak Ceremony Photos: Udit Narayan And Entire Family Begin Wedding Festivities

There were three popular singing sensations of our country, one of them a woman, and all of them found the men’s comments for Neeti a ‘joke’. They said that they were playing a prank on them by slamming them for their behaviour. Is maintaining basic decency while talking about a woman or commenting on her physical appearance too-much-to-ask-for on a national platform? Here’s the link, you can watch from 2: 30 – 7: 00 to see how an issue as grave as harassment turned so trivial in just a few minutes: Also Read - Aditya Narayan-Shweta Agarwal's Wedding Countdown Begins: Father Udit Narayan Invites PM Modi And Amitabh Bachchan

Rising Star Season 3 Episode 3

The acceptance of words like ‘kadak‘ and ‘raapchik‘ while describing a female body is the biggest problem here. The usage of such words and making a joke out of it is as appalling as calling a woman ‘maal‘ or ‘tota‘ and getting away with it. It’s strange how the three ‘Maharathis’ of the singing world couldn’t identify the issue here, that too in the age of #MeToo. When someone says that we take one step ahead to curb sexual harassment against women but goes 10 steps back in fighting for the cause… this is what it means!