Sana Khan trolled for wearing Hijab: Former actor Sana Khan was questioned and judged for wearing Hijab in her latest photo. The actor shared a picture of herself in a Hijab with a coffee mug in hand. An Instagram user commented on her picture questioning her choice of wearing the Hijab. The user told her that there’s no point in her getting educated and becoming independent if she chooses to stay behind a veil.Also Read - Abhijeet Sawant's New Interview on Indian Idol 12 Controversy, Fakeness, Elimination And Pawandeep Rajan

Sana had quit the industry last year citing that she wanted to dedicate her life to the service of Allah and Islam. The actor had said that her work in showbiz was coming in her way of leading a peaceful life dedicated to Allah. She then married Gujarat-based cleric Anas Syed. Also Read - Heartbroken Sana Khan Hits Out at Trollers For Making Negative Videos on Her Post Marriage With Anas Saiyad

On Tuesday, a comment on Sana’s post read, “Itna padai likhai kast karke kiya faida wohi toh sabke jaisa pardeke andar rahena (What’s the point of your education if you’re going to hide behind a veil) (sic)“. In response to the comment, Sana wrote how she’s leading a fulfilled life and if she can achieve everything she wants in life by staying behind the veil, she wouldn’t want to choose otherwise. Sana’s comment read, “Mere bhai, jab parde mai rahke (If despite wearing a veil) I can do my business, have amazing in-laws and husband what more. I want. Most imp Allah is protecting me in every way. Alhamdulillah. And have completed my education too. So isn’t it a win win situation? (sic)” Also Read - Sana Khan’s Husband Anas Saiyad Thanks Her For Bringing Him Close to Paradise, Shares Unseen Wedding Photo

Sana has been under the radar of many fans who think that she shouldn’t have left the industry to follow her religion. Even when she had announced her decision to disassociate herself from the business, she was trolled and judged for making a life choice.

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