Shehnaaz Gill’s weight loss: Actor Shehnaaz Gill is now an internet sensation. Thanks to her presence inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, and her incredible weight loss journey after that! The popular Punjabi singer and actor lost over 12 kgs of weight with a strict diet schedule. In a live session recently, she revealed why she decided to shed her Bigg Boss look for a more glamorous appeal by losing weight.Also Read - Shehnaaz Gill in Black Polka Dot Dress Grooves on a Boat, Shows Importance of Self-Love, Watch

In a live session with her fans on YouTube on Tuesday, Shehnaaz told her fans that she can anytime go back to look like how she appeared in Bigg Boss 13 but she has worked hard on her appearance and it’s important for her career. The actor, who featured in many hit music videos after coming out from the Salman Khan-hosted reality show, added that all she has to do is eat more in order to achieve her previous weight. Also Read - Facing Unexpected Weight Gain? Here Are 6 Reasons Behind Those Extra Kilos

Shehnaaz was quoted as saying, “Thank you so much. She was me and this is also me. I considered myself pretty then and I still do. So, that’s what it is. If you think I should go back to that look, I can do that anytime. It is not a difficult thing. I just have to eat more.” Also Read - Health Myth Busted: Can You Eat After 7 pm And Still Lose Weight? Here's What We Know

She blamed the industry for expecting the female artistes to look a certain way. Shehnaaz said that the industry doesn’t readily accept chubby women that results in loss of good work. She said, “That look is also my favourite. But baat ye hai ki kaam nahi milta industry mein. Yahan pe patli ladkiyan chalti hain (They don’t give you any work in the industry. Only thin women are in demand here)”

Earlier, while giving details about her weight loss journey, Shehnaaz revealed that she is not big on working out and has managed to lose weight only by following a strict diet schedule. She said that it’s important to control the urge of having more food at times and build a habit of eating 2 pieces of bread if you want to eat 3 as part of any given meal.

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