Actor Shweta Tiwari shared an encouraging post for her daughter Palak Tiwari on Women’s Day on Monday. The popular TV actor, who’s currently in the buzz for her incredible physical transformation, talked about domestic abuse in the video. She addressed her talk to the fellow women and asked them to speak up against domestic violence. Shweta said that when a woman remains silent, her daughter learns the same and her kids absorb all that.Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Weight Loss Journey: 40-Year-Old Actor Sheds 10 Kgs, Looks Fabulous

“But, if you remain silent, your kids will learn to remain silent. They will learn to accept domestic violence. And, if you take a step against it, your kids will become strong and be able to differentiate between wrong and right,” she said. Shweta, who has abused Abhinav Kohli of domestic violence, talked about what she went through in the past. She said that she has been vulnerable but she always tried to pull herself together. The actor was married to Raja Chaudhary for nine years, however, they divorced in the year 2007 after the allegations of domestic abuse against him. “I have been through a lot in life, and at every step when I felt vulnerable, I pulled myself together to gather the courage and stand up for what is right, for the sake of my daughter. She has seen me through the thick and thin of my journey, has only grown up to be stronger today,” she said. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Transformation From Bahu to Babe Leaves Fans Surprised, Photos go Viral

Shweta went on to comment on people who criticised her for speaking out. She said people still tell her that speaking against domestic violence was a mistake. The Kasautii Zindagii Kay star mentioned that she wanted to set the right example for her daughter and she knows Palak is prepared to fight her battles today. Shweta also addressed her daughter to tell her that she will not be around her to help her fight the situations and that’s the reason she wants her to learn from her past. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Estranged Husband Abhinav Kohli on Palak Tiwari's Sexual Harassment Allegations: Have Raised Her Like my Own Daughter

“I may not always be around to be your shield, but I hope my experiences and right actions become a guiding light in your life, where you find the strength and integrity to face any situation. Unless you fight for yourself, people will not believe you,” she explained.

Shweta’s post on Women’s Day, highlighting her struggle with domestic violence, is going viral on social media. While her fans have showered her with more strength and love in the comments section, her colleagues have wished her the best for the future. Your thoughts on her post?