Actors Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul have become parents to a boy. The couple has named their newborn Ved – full name – Ved Vyas, inspired by one of the popular saints in Hindu mythology, credited for writing Mahabharata. Sumeet announced the news on his Instagram account on Thursday morning. The actor took to Instagram and posted a blue picture that read, “It’s a boy. Shall be called VED. Mamma and Daddy are acting cliche… smothering the child every few minutes…” (sic)Also Read - Sumeet Vyas-Ekta Kaul Open up on Waiting to Have Their First Baby Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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Sumeet and Ekta got married in 2018 in a lavish wedding ceremony. Together, they are considered one of the most loved couples of film and TV industry. It was at the beginning of this year that they announced the news of pregnancy. After that, the duo kept sharing many adorable pictures of themselves expressing just how excited they were to welcome their first child in life. Also Read - Sumeet Vyas Excited About Permanent Roommates Going The Audible Way

Earlier this year, Sumeet also talked about having a baby amid COVID-19 and lockdown. He mentioned that he had already been freaking out while realising how he needed to prepare to be a father and the lockdown just added to the entire pressure. The actor, popular for his role in OTT series Permanent Roommates, said he and Ekta were worried about having a child at the hospital amid the entire coronavirus crisis. Talking about creating a positive environment for his child, Sumeet had told Mumbai Mirror, “(the prime concern) now, it’s safety. I don’t want our child to grow up in an environment where they can’t go out to play. But I’m an optimist and believe that this too shall pass.”

Both the child and the mother are healthy. Our heartiest congratulations to the new parents!