Anupamaa Maha-Episode Promo: In the maha episode of Anupamaa, the viewers will finally see a different version of Vanraj Shah, who is more popularly known as the ‘sexist shah’ among the fans of the show. In the promo of the maha episode, we see Vanraj telling Anupama that she should realise her feelings for Anuj Kapadia and move on in her life with Anuj. While this ‘hridya-parivartan‘ is quite surprising for the fans, it is good to see that there’s someone who’s actually asking Anupama to remove the curtain from her feelings and realise that she feels the same for Anuj what he feels for her.Also Read - Ind vs SA: KL Rahul Hails Virat Kohli's Leadership Skills at PC Ahead of 1st ODI at Boland Park

The promo shows Anupama totally shattered after Anuj Kapadia gets hit on the head by the goons. While he is in an unconscious state, she tries to wake him up and ask him to get up. Vanraj, who is sitting by her side, looks at her and see her helplessness. That’s when he asks Anupama to think of herself and move on with Anuj in her life. Watch the promo here: Also Read - 10 Super Effective Tips to Get The Glowing And Radiant Skin

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The fans are also scratching their heads over Vanraj’s sudden change of heart as shown in the promo. The #MaAn shippers though don’t care about anything else but the fact that Anupama looks genuinely worried and absolutely heartbroken to see Anuj lying on a hospital bed. Check out these tweets to know how the Anupamaa fans are reacting to this promo of the maha episode:

Anuj and Anupama have been behaving like ‘ek dil ek jaan‘ lately but it’s important for the writers to show a good romantic scene for the viewers to see how the romance in the 40s can be as beautiful as in the 20s. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!