Priyanka loses conscious at Anika’s house. Ankia tries to wake her up. Anika calls Khanna but he doesn’t pick her call and so Anika leaves a voice message on Khanna’s phone number. Anika then takes Priyanka to the hospital and gets her admitted. The doctor asks Anika to pay Rs 500 as his fee. Anika realises that all she was left with was that amount. Ankika keeps her problems aside thinking that Priyanka’s well being was more important than anything else at that time and so Anika pays the fee. Also Read - Ishqbaaz Actor Additi Gupta Tests Positive For COVID-19, Quarantines at Home

Shivaay reaches the hospital and asks Anika about Priyanka’s condition. Anika is scared of Shivaay hearing the angry tone and due, to this, she is not being able to answer him properly. While Anika tries answering, her phone rings continuously making Shivaay throw away Anika’s phone. Anika gets hurt on her forehead during this. Shivaay tells Anika that she has no manners and adds tha her mother didn’t have any knowledge of how one should behave. Anika stops Shivaay hits back and tells him that his mother has probably never taught him the manners of talking with a girl. Also Read - Television Hottie Nia Sharma Locks Lips With Ishqbaaz Fame Reyhna Pandit at a Holi Party, Video Goes Viral

Shivaay takes Priyanka home. Priyanka gains conscious and tells Shivaay that Anika saved her life. She further adds that Anika fought with the doctor and got Priyanka admitted on time. Priyanka wishes to thank Anika and so asks Shivaay to call Anika but Shivaay refuses to call Anika considering that Ankia was responsible for Priyanka’s condition Also Read - Ishqbaaz January 03 Written Update: Family Looks For Shivaansh, Aditi Sells Her Gold Earrings to Pay Doctor's Fees

Anika reaches her house and sees that the house owner was misbehaving with Gauri, Sahil and Chachiji. She sees that all three were being thrown out of the house because the rent was not paid on time. Anika pleads the owner to grant her one more day for arranging the money for the house rent.