Prithvi’s clash with Janhvi was a dream. He suddenly gets over his dream. Sherlyn then gets after Prithvi to get her slam book from Preeta’s house. Rishabh refuses to go to Preeta’s house because of Janki. He relates to his dream and says that if he goes to Preeta’s house then Janki would recover from her illness and would be capable of speaking. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he was very sure that the slam book was not with Preeta but with Karan.Also Read - ZEE5 Originals Nail Police, 14 Phere, State Of Seige And Others Feature Amongst Best OTT Content

On the other side, Karan calls Preeta and tells her that he had sent Preeta a photograph in which Preeta and Karan had posed together He further asks her to check it. Karan then starts to tease Preeta on the way she had posed for the photograph. Preeta gets angry on Karan and disconnects the call. While Prithvi accuses Sherlyn for writing about their secrets in the slam book, Sherlyn forces Prithvi to get the slam book from Luthra house. Prithvi finally decides to go to Luthra house, considering that he has no other option. Also Read - From Worst Memories To Favorite Person, Know What Kundali Bhagya Fame Sanjay Gagnani Reveals About His Sets | Exclusive Interview

Rakhi asks Mahesh to sleep in some other place due to his continuous snoring which was disturbing her. While Mahesh walks out of the room, Prithvi entered Rakhi’s room through the window. Rakhi hears a noise of something falling. Unaware of the fact that it was Prithvi, she gets up to see what it was. Prithvi then mews and succeeds in fooling Rakhi which stops her from finding out that it was Prithvi. Also Read - Kundali Bhagya Maha Episode Big Twist: Mahira Exposes Prithvi-Sherlyn’s Truth To Luthra Family

Prithvi manages to reach Karan’s room but finds it locked from inside. He suddenly realises that he could use Karan’s bathroom window to enter his room. Prithvi finally enters Karan’s room and checks if Karan is fast asleep. He then starts to look for the slam book everywhere. Suddenly Prithvi’s phone starts buzzing. Sherlyn calls him to check about the slambook, Karan wakes up and realises that somebody is behind the curtain. He then gets up to check but fails to find out since Prithvi manges to hide behind a table which is placed right next to the curtain. Karan again goes back to sleep. Prithvi sees that the slam book is lying under Prithvi’s pillow but at the same time finds it difficult to pull it out.