Mahesh and Rakhi express love and care for each other while Rishabh makes their video to capture the memory. Seeing Mahesh and Rakhi’s love and relationship Rishabh thinks of Preeta as the girl he truly loves but soon realises that he is engaged to Sherlyn. Sherlyn curses Preeta for not trusting Prithvi. Karan again tells Preeta that Prithvi was lying and tries to convince her to his best. Srishti hears Karan telling all this to Preeta and Karan further explains Srishti all the drama that had happened. Also Read - Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert September 2, 2020: Preeta Returns to Luthra House, Says 'She is Karan's Wife And Will Stay Here'

Srishti also agrees to whatever Karan was saying. She further says many times, she had doubted Prithvi’s and Sherlyn’s relationship. Karan tells Preeta that he checked Sherlyn’s call log also which showed that she had called Prithvi. Karan promises Preeta that he would definitely bring the true colours of Prithvi to light without creating any problems further. Also Read - Kundali Bhagya Star Shraddha Arya's Sizzling Look Turns up The Heat at Zee Cine Awards 2020, Pictures go Viral

Prithvi and Sherlyn discuss everything that happened while sitting in Prithvi’s car. Karan sees both of them sitting together while he is passing by which again creates a strong doubt in his mind and he gets concerned for Rishabh and Preeta. Srishti and Preeta reach home and again started to argue upon Prithvi and Sherlyn’s relationship. Sarla hears them arguing and questioned them about the same but Preeta lied to Sarla and manages the situation. Also Read - Nach Baliye 9: Shraddha Arya Suffers Head Injury During Dance Performance, Blacks Out For Few Seconds

(Text: Gauri Sharma)