In the recent episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman and Ishita are seen to be left behind in the market while Ruhi drives away with the family. Ishita drops her purse and Raman comes to help her pick up her things. They are then seen at a restaurant where the two happen to start an argument. In the middle of the argument, there is a power failure and Ishita grabs Raman’s hand. Noticing this, Raman taunts Ishita for freaking out. Well, it does not end there. Later, at the same restaurant, Ishita sees a cockroach and starts panicking even more. Raman, asks Ishita to stop complaining. Ruhi and Pihu abruptly enter the restaurant and are surprised to see the two fighting. Also Read - Don’t Try To Be a Hero! Divyanka Tripathi Gives Befitting Reply To Troll Who Asked Her To Learn To Live Sans Makeup

The Bhalla family then starts talking about the preparations of Roshni’s baby shower. Aliya is present and looking at Roshni and then walks away to attend a call. Aliya, follows her to ask her if she is okay with the decision. Aliya informs Ishita then she has been informed by the family and that she has no problem. Though, Ishita is aware that Aliya is hurt by the decision. Everyone starts preparing for the function at the Bhalla house along with Aliya and Raman is proud of her. A room is prepared for Roshni, Raman tells Santoshi that Roshni will be home for only a day but Santoshi tells Raman that she wants Roshni to stay there till her delivery. Raman then tells Santoshi that they now have to convince Ishita. Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Struggle With PCOS, Gives Tips And Hacks to Curb It

Simi and Param, on the other hand, tell the family that they have a daughter-in-law. Raman, losing his calm, asks the two to mind their own business. Simmi, getting annoyed, tells Param that she will not let the Bhallas celebrate. While Ishita tries to calm down Roshni, the Bhallas arrive at Ishita’s place. Param messages two women asking them to create chaos in the celebration, as soon as Roshni arrives at the Bhalla house. Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Winner Announced: Karishma Tanna Lifts The Trophy, Gets Rs 30 Lakh And a Swanky Car