Madhavi and Santosh decide the menu for Aliya’s client and starts fighting over the kind of dishes and the number of dishes that should be prepared. Ishita somehow sorts out the argument by providing a good solution. Simmi gets angry when she sees Santosh and Madhavi on good terms. She coveys the same to Param and accuses Ishita as everybody was treating her well and were agreeing to everything that she suggested Also Read - Don’t Try To Be a Hero! Divyanka Tripathi Gives Befitting Reply To Troll Who Asked Her To Learn To Live Sans Makeup

Raman and Ruhi finish up with office work and leave for home since Raman wishes to have lunch with everybody. Raman and Ruhi reach home and realise that something delicious was being cooked. Everybody then sits together for lunch. While everyone is having lunch, the doorbell rings and Raman tells everyone that he had hired two bodyguards for Roshni’s safety as he did not want to take any risk further. Roshni feels uncomfortable as the bodyguards would follow her or stay around her all the time. Ishita then coveys it to Raman but he says that he cannot let Roshni be alone even for a second, keeping in mind the incidents that happened with her especially the kidnapping part. Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Struggle With PCOS, Gives Tips And Hacks to Curb It

The dishes were prepared and Raman, Ishita, Aliya and Roshni go to deliver it. Raman, Ishita and others then reach home and tell everybody that the client loved the food. Ishita then decides to shift back to her house along with Roshni. Santosh and Raman ask Ishita to let Roshni stay in the Bhalla house but Ishita says that since things have normalised, it was better for Roshni if she goes back to Ishita’s house. Raman then gives some papers to Ishita saying that it was a legal notice of filing a case in the court for Adi’s child’s custody. Raman further said that he never wanted to do so but Ishita’s adamant behaviour in taking Roshini back to her house, compelled Raman to do so. Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Winner Announced: Karishma Tanna Lifts The Trophy, Gets Rs 30 Lakh And a Swanky Car