Roshni informs Raman about the raid at his office and factory. Raman refuses to believe her and asks her not to do all that drama making it clear that he knew Ishita must have asked her to do so. Raman asks Roshni to leave. Roshni suddenly started to feel unwell and was accompanied by Bala to the hospital while Raman received a call regarding the income tax raid and he leaves immediately. Also Read - Don’t Try To Be a Hero! Divyanka Tripathi Gives Befitting Reply To Troll Who Asked Her To Learn To Live Sans Makeup

On the other hand, Dadi consoles Pihu telling her that Raman loved her a lot. Ruhi told Dadi that Pihu was in pain and wanted to get her checkup done by Ishita. Ruhi further says she wants to talk Pihu so that she feels better. Raman reaches his office and gets tensed with the raid. He speaks to the senior who was handling the raid. The senior asks Raman not to interfere and let others do their job. Raman then doubts Ishita and blames her for the raid. Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Struggle With PCOS, Gives Tips And Hacks to Curb It

Ishita reaches home along with Roshni and gets surprised to see Ruhi and Pihu. Ruhi tells Ishita that Pihu had a swelling in her tooth and wanted to get treated. Ishita then checks and treats Pihu. Pihu and Ruhi stay at Ishita’s house for some time. Ruhi, Ishita and Pihu have a nice time and suddenly the doorbell rings and it is  Raman. Raman blames Ishita for the raid and Roshni explains that Ishita was nowhere involved it in and rather was trying to stop the raid. Raman and the kids leave Ishita’s house. While leaving Raman has a very emotional and heart touching discussion with Ishita which somewhere sounded satisfying to both of them. Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Winner Announced: Karishma Tanna Lifts The Trophy, Gets Rs 30 Lakh And a Swanky Car

(Text: Gauri Sharma)