Naira receives a video on her phone in which Kartik’s telephonic conversation was recorded saying that he wishes to take a strong action against Tanvi’s case demanding speedy results. Naira was surprised to see Kartik talk in this manner and felt happy to see this side of Kartik. Naira’s father goes to meet Kartik’s Dadi and asks about her injury further telling that it wasn’t Naira’s fault and she had no intentions to do so. Kartik’s Dadi refuses to talk about that matter and asked if he needed anything else. Naira’s father then leaves. Also Read - TV Actor Divya Bhatnagar on Ventilator After Her Oxygen Level Drops to 84 Due to COVID-19, Industry Helps

All the society members in Kartik and Naira’s complex decide that no worker would enter the society. This creates a problem for Kartik’s Dadi and Kartik. When Kartik’s Dadi questions such an unjust and irrelevant decision of the society members, the society members tell that they were doing so because even Kartik had taken an unjust decision of restricting Naira from the college as Niara was nowhere at fault. Kartik makes it clear that it was the discipline committee who had taken such a decision but Kartik was the one who had challenged the decision. Also Read - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Sachin Tyagi, Swati Chitnis, Samir Onkar, 4 Technicians Test Positive For COVID-19

Kartik and Naira receive a video of they being together and close in a swimming pool. They receive a text message too saying that they must take Tanvi’s case back otherwise their video will be shared with all the students in the college. Naira and Kartik approached each other to inform about the video. And they both decide to handle it their way. Naira goes to the college and meets Tanvi. Tanvi tells her that she could come to college only because Naira helped in cheering her up. Naira then tells Tanvi that Kartik would definitely do something. Naira hears the conversation between Kartik, police and other authorities of the college and again misunderstands him thinking that Kartik was taking Tanvi’s case back rather than taking any action against it. Also Read - 'Even COVID-19 Couldn't End it': Twitter Left in Splits After 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Actors Shoot Scene Wearing Face Masks