Kartik drinks in the pub while Naira wishes goodbye to her father as he leaves for Udaipur. Dadi talks to Manish and discusses Naira and Kartik, while Naira worries about Kartik’s well being and inquires Kittu about Kartik and asks her to look for him. Kartik continuously drinks and thinks of Naira, while Niara too thinks about him. Naira regrets not believing and trusting Kartik’s decision and actions. Kartik too accuses Naira of not relying on him and his actions. Also Read - 'Even COVID-19 Couldn't End it': Twitter Left in Splits After 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Actors Shoot Scene Wearing Face Masks

Kartik sees a couple expressing their love for each other in the pub. Seeing this, Kartik laughs and makes fun of them. Kartik tells them that love is false, love is fake and nothing is really in love. Kartik loudly speaks all this in the pub which disturbs everyone. Kartik thinks about the recent incidents and gets angry at Naira. Every time Kartik recalls that Naira didn’t trust him while investigating about Tanvi’s case, he accuses Naira. Kartik loses control after getting drunk and calls up Naira to get his answers. Naira feels hurt on realising Kartik’s situation and listening to his allegation on Naira. Kartik started to create a mess in the pub by breaking the beer bottles. The staff in the pub try to control Kartik. Also Read - Mohena Kumari Singh Finally Tests Negative For COVID-19, Expresses Her Gratitude For Doctors And Healthworkers

Naira leaves for the pub. When she reaches, she sees Kartik sitting in one corner and drinking. Niara forcefully stops Kartik from drinking any further. Naira tries to snatch away the beer bottle from Kartik’s hands and asks him to leave for home. Naira continuously tries to convince Kartik and during this, he falls in her arms. Kartik drinks so much that he loses control and falls on the floor. Naira somehow gets Kartik in the car and further discovers that Kartik was a regular customer in the pub. Also Read - Mohit Baghel's Death: TV Actor Rohan Mehra's Note For Dear Friend Will Tear You up