Karik enters the house and Dadi questions him as to where he was for the last whole night. Kartik tells that he was with his friend the whole night and had already messaged Dadi about the same. Kirti takes Naitik to the cafe where he meets Manish too. Kirti then reveals that she had deliberately planned their meeting so that they could talk about Niara and Kartik. Swarna too goes to the cafe with her friend. Her friend sees Manish in the cafe and informs Swarna, but she can only see Kriti and Manish but not Naira’s father. Kartik goes to the college and hears peon telling Naira that Dadi had called her in her cabin. Kartik then fears about Dadi questioning about the previous night’s incident. Also Read - 'Even COVID-19 Couldn't End it': Twitter Left in Splits After 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Actors Shoot Scene Wearing Face Masks

Naitik asks Manish if he wishes to see Naira and Kartik together, to which Manish says that Kartik and Naira were made for each other and so Naitik and Manish must work towards getting them back together. Kartik asks Naira about her conversation with Dadi. Naira tells him that their conversation was regarding Tanvi’s case. Tanvi goes to inquire about an inter-college dance competition. Naira then goes to look for Tanvi. Kunal and Tanvi encourage Naira to participate in the inter college dance competition but Naira shows her unwillingness to participate. Also Read - Mohena Kumari Singh Finally Tests Negative For COVID-19, Expresses Her Gratitude For Doctors And Healthworkers

Kartik puts on the headphones and asks Naira about her reason for not dancing. Tanvi and Kunal too asked the same question to which Naira said that two years back, she had an injury in her leg, and so the doctor had advised her not to dance. Kartik hears Naira’s reason and feels bad about it. Naira then walks out and twists her ankle. Kartik then takes her to the doctor. Doctor asks Naira is she has had any injury earlier which she refuses. The doctor gives an injection to Naira. Kartik was aware of the fact that Naira is afraid of injections and so he holds her hand. The doctor further said that he would have to do an X-ray of Naira’s leg which she refuses. Also Read - Mohit Baghel's Death: TV Actor Rohan Mehra's Note For Dear Friend Will Tear You up