Kartik and Naira travel together to make arrangements for Kriti and Naksh’s anniversary party. They discuss the venue and their discussion lands up in an argument. Kartik tells Naira to finalise a venue to which Naira says that Kartik can decide it by himself. Kartik and Naira continue to have a sarcastic exchange. Naira then says that working separately was a better thing for Kartik and Naira to do. Kartik accepts her proposal but before putting it into action he tells Naira to reason out her previous injury. Naira looks at her feet and finds a beer bottle lying right beside her feet. She picks up the beer bottle and asks Kartik to answer about his drinking habits first. Also Read - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Sachin Tyagi, Swati Chitnis, Samir Onkar, 4 Technicians Test Positive For COVID-19

Kartik gets angry about Naira’s adamant behaviour and stops the car. He then gets inside the car and realises that Naira drank from the beer bottle, and was talking like a drunkard. Naira then gets off the car. Kartik calls out for Naira but she doesn’t listen to him. Naitik calls up Kartik and inquires about Naira since Naira’s number was not reachable. Kartik then looks for Naira everywhere and suddenly sees a group of people crowding at a particular place. He then goes to check the reason behind the crowd and found that Naira was behaving like a drunkard. Kartik tries to tackle Naira and asks him to get off the car. A woman then stops Kartik from scolding Naira and asks him that with what right he was scolding Naira when Kartik himself drinks so much. Also Read - 'Even COVID-19 Couldn't End it': Twitter Left in Splits After 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Actors Shoot Scene Wearing Face Masks

Kartik manages to get Naira off the car and discovers that Naira was pretending to drink in order to make Kartik realise that drinking was not good. Naira asks Kartik to promise her that he will not drink anymore. Kartik says nothing but expresses his promise by breaking the beer bottle. Kartik and Naira then go to purchase a dress for Kriti and Naksh. They again start to fight over the differences in their choices. They then check for the final arrangements, which make them recall their past and start to laugh at the funny incidents that happened at the time of Kriti’s and Naksh’s wedding. Also Read - Mohena Kumari Singh Finally Tests Negative For COVID-19, Expresses Her Gratitude For Doctors And Healthworkers