A basketball hits Naira’s table on which she was standing. Naira was about to fall but Kartik immediately provides support and doesn’t let her fall. On the other side, Swarna searches for a good looking, well-spaced apartment for Kartik to live in. The broker shows her the apartment in which even Naira was residing. Naira’s father calls up Kriti and asks about Naksha’s well being and shares his guilt and concern for him. He expresses his feelings saying that he is failing as a father but Kriti consoles him. Also Read - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Sachin Tyagi, Swati Chitnis, Samir Onkar, 4 Technicians Test Positive For COVID-19

Naira and Kartik get their books issued from the library. Naira suddenly gets busy with her phone and Kartik carries her books as well and leaves. Kartik receives a call from Swarna telling him that she had finalised a flat for Kartik. Swarna further asks Kartik to shift in Seashell apartments and Kartik gets his stuff shifted there. Also Read - 'Even COVID-19 Couldn't End it': Twitter Left in Splits After 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Actors Shoot Scene Wearing Face Masks

Kartik gets into his new flat and starts to think about Naira. At night, he goes out for swimming in his apartments’ swimming pool while Naira goes into the balcony to pick up the clothes. One of the clothes fall from the balcony on the poolside and so Naira goes to get it back. By the time Naira reaches the pool, Kartik has already left. Naira finds a beer can lying there and complains the watchman about it. The watchman tells her the guy who had shifted in a new flat had left it there. Also Read - Mohena Kumari Singh Finally Tests Negative For COVID-19, Expresses Her Gratitude For Doctors And Healthworkers

Naira further hears a very loud music playing in Kartik’s flat and decides to talk to him about it, asking him not to disturb the neighbours. But the watchman suddenly enters and tells Naira that it wasn’t Kartik’s can. Naira was about to leave when suddenly Kartik opened his door and sees Naira. They both are surprised to see each other.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)