Twinkle Khanna is known to voice out her opinion without mincing her words on various platforms. Her tweets are smart and hilarious at the same time. Try to troll her and she will come up with an equally smart reply which will make you take your step back. This is what just happened with a self proclaimed grammar nazi who tried to correct Twinkle Khanna’s sentence in her latest tweet. Twinkle Khanna posted, “Something I learned from a scientist today: Each time someone puts a hurdle in your path-thank them,it’s the hurdle that makes you take a leap!” Also Read - Twinkle Khanna Shares 'Soothing' Poem on Uncertain Times As Akshay Kumar Undergoes COVID-19 Treatment

When a twitter follower read this he was instant to point out the ‘mistake’ and wrote to her, ‘Learnt. You’re a writer.’ Well, this was enough for Twinkle Khanna to reply with a hilarious tweet for him. She quipped, “Learned and learnt are alternate forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. I hope you learned something today:) Cheers!” [ALSO READ: Twinkle Khanna Apologises In An Open Statement For Defending Akshay Kumar Over Mallika Dua Row] Also Read - Akshay Kumar Goes Down Water Slide On Daughter's Floatie, Leaves Instagram In Splits | Watch Hilarious Video

Well, we are sure that the fan will always check his facts before posting anything on social media henceforth. Meanwhile, Twinkle’s other fans hailed her for her response. Some of the tweets read, ‘Simply and beautifully articulated’ ‘Grammar explained beautifully’ ‘English teacher on Twitter has marked her way’ and many more. Once again, Twinkle Khanna has emerged victorious with her wit! What are your thoughts? Post them in the comment section below.