July 28: Rishi Kapoor is an avid user of social media and is famous for his quirky take on things. Twitterati love him for his wit and humour and no wonder he has close to one million followers. But this time, he crossed the line. The veteran Bollywood actor on Wednesday shared an image on Twitter, which was apparently shared with him by Abhishek Bachchan. The image made fun of Democratic nominee and Presidential front runner Hillary Clinton. The tweet is being flagged off by many Twitter users as extremely sexist and in bad taste. Also Read - Pooja Bedi Says 'Not Flaunting Privilege' After Asking All to Live 'Uncaged' Amid COVID - Check Tweets

The meme shows Clinton seemingly coughing with her face to the side and her fist in front of her mouth and the words, ‘Monica, is this right?’ Kapoor tweeted the meme, saying, “History being checked! Tx for it ABjr. If it wasn’t RIGHT,it would have LEFT a bad taste”. For those who didn’t get it, the meme jokes about Clinton and her husband Bill’s extra marital affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which is arguably the biggest scandal to have hit the American seat of power. ALSO READ: Also Read - Check Your Privilege! Pooja Bedi Faces Flak From Netizens Over Her 'Don't Let The Virus Cage You' Tweet

Naturally, there was a strong reaction to the meme, especially as it was shared by Kapoor, on the same day as Clinton created history by becoming the first woman ever to assume the Presidential nomination from the Democratic Party.

Some even responded with more humour…

Seeing people take offence to his joke, Kapoor responded by defending himself and saying that if people did not like what he said they could ‘unfollow’ him. “Why are people so judgmental and moralistic on this platform? Don’t like it,delete me,like I do. Fuck you! It’s my prerogative to comment”, he tweeted, adding, “I commented on Trump and so I did on Hillary.You don’t like it,delete me. My forum is a fun one. Lots tweet on me being drunk.That’s sad!”