Actor Kangana Ranaut often gets into a war of words with Mahesh Bhatt and family and she has even accused the filmmaker of hurling shoes at her at a party. Now, during a live chat with NBT when Vikram Bhatt was asked who will work with Kangana after controversies that she recently courted, he said that she can make her own films and she will get films as it’s not like she will completely be boycotted. Also Read - Urmila Matondkar Takes Jibe at Kangana Ranaut Over Drug Nexus Probe, Says 'Does She Know Himachal is The Origin of Drugs'

He further stated that Kangana has never worked with Yash Raj Films and now she will not even work with Karan Johar neither Karan Johar will work with her. He said, “Kangana can make her own films. I don’t think Kangana has ever worked in a Yash Raj Films film. I guess she worked in a film with Karan Johar but now neither she will work with him nor will Karan work with her. However, she will get work and it’s not like she will completely be boycotted. If four to five films of Kangana are hits then everyone will want to work with her. If not, then no one will go to her. This is a very simple thing which happens in the film industry” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Launches Fresh Attack at Jaya Bachchan Over Her 'Thali' Remark, Says, ‘Decorated My Thali With Women-Centric Roles’

Speaking about Kangana’s controversial statements, he said, “There are some people who keep their thoughts to themselves, do not tell anyone. On the other hand, some people are vocal about their opinions and Kangana is among them. This is independent India. How can someone be stopped from saying what they want to? But definitely, if you annoy someone, they will react to it and one should be prepared to face the reactions and the consequences. If you throw a loose ball then someone will definitely hit a six. If you make political statements then people will also play politics with you.”

Opening about working with Kangana, he quipped, “Kangana now directs films herself. I will not say that I won’t work with her but what I will do? If I work with her, then I have to give the clap during the shoot and work as a clapper boy because Kangana writes the story herself and also directs the films herself.”