Only Aamir Khan could do this, and boy how he has succeeded! Those who have seen Aamir Khan’s miraculous body transformation for his forthcoming movie Dangal, would swear by the superstar’s diligence. Fro being Fat and FLABULOUS the man turns himself into this sculpted Adonis of sorts. The craziest thing about this whole transformation Saga is how Aamir has put his reverse methodology to use. ALSO READ: Dangal making: Aamir Khan’s fabulous body transformation in 10 visuals! (Watch video)  Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli on her journey in the show, bond with Rahul Vaidya and more [EXCLUSIVE]

And then you have our Sultan Salman Khan who is seen as the dejected 50 something wrestler with an unsightly paunch and sagging moobs (man boobs, for the beginners!) and then he projects himself in his sculpted avatar to show (off) …well his sexiness. Here’s how we compare the two Khan dudes and their body metamorphosis. You tell me who wins your vote and why! ALSO READ: Sultan star Salman Khan’s shirtless picture goes viral!  Also Read - Sohail Khan Extends Support to Rakhi Sawant in a Video, Says 'Call me Directly'

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Aamir Khan in Dangal

What makes Aamir Khan’s story remarkable is that he was ripped post PK, and that’s when he had signed on the dotted line for Dangal. The first of the movie required Aamir to be muscular and sculpted whereas the second half of the film, it was proposed, required Aamir to be 97 odd Kgs. The conventional logic dictated the man should have shot for the first half and the put on weight for the second half. But what Aamir chose to do is quite unbelievable!

Aamir feared that if after shooting his fat self for the second half the movie will be made but what if he happens to stay Fat thereafter. So Aamir came up with this weird plan of first fattening up and shoot the second half of the movie and the because the first half requires him to be fit he will have no option but to get a ripped bod in the stipulated time. (since tonnes of moolah was riding on the film, the producers would have come knocking on Aamir’s door and that fear Aamir wanted to act as a motivating factor)

Our rating: 8.5/10

Also take a look at the video that showcases Aamir’s diligence and discipline to look the way he does in Dangal!


Salman Khan in Sultan! 

And then you have our beloved bhai showcasing what it takes to be the fittest man around for the longest time. We loved the scene in which Salman feels so miserable staring at his paunch in the mirror ( Sallu never cries but this was a major change, and we loved the vulnerability Sallu portrayed!). Here’s the video that shows Sallu doing what he can do and achieve his fitness goal no matter what! ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan MIFFED with Deepika Padukone for stealing Chris Martin from everyone at his party? 

Our rating: 8/10

Now you tell us Bollywood buffs which miraculous transformation has impressed you most?