Beijing: The 93rd Academy Awards were held earlier today and Chloé Zhao created history by becoming the first woman of color and second woman ever to win the Oscars for best director. Zhao’s Nomadland also won the best picture award. Chloé Zhao is being widely appreciated for her remarkable achievement and she is making headlines across the world. However, the Beijing-born faced backlash in her country of birth.Also Read - Viral Video: Kids Run to Help Man After He Drops Carton of Fruits, Kindness Moves The Internet | Watch

Reportedly, Zhao’s victory was censored in China. A post announcing Zhao’s historic victory by film magazine Watch Movies on microblogging site Weibo was censored a few hours after it appeared Monday morning. Not just this, but “Chloe Zhao wins Best Director” hashtag was also censored on the platform. Whenever somebody tried to use this hashtag, they came across a message that read, “according to relevant laws and regulations and policies, the page is not found.” As per a report in Indian Express, typing Zhou’s name on Weibo brought up only unrelated posts from earlier this month and a search for ‘Oscars’ showed only official posts from the South Korean and US embassies. A news article talking about Zhao’s win was also deleted from messaging application WeChat. Another application called Douban banned searches for Nomadland and Zhao mentioning that “the search results could not be displayed in accordance to relevant laws and regulations.” Also Read - China Eastern Jet Crash Was Intentional, Black Box Data Reveals

As of Monday afternoon, there is no clarification or statement from State media in China on this as well. The two main state-run outlets, CCTV and Xinhua, have remained silent on Zhao’s victory. Also Read - Shanghai Reopens Commercial Outlets with COVID Resurgence Under Control

This is not the first time that the global star faced backlash in her own country. Earlier in March this year, when Zhao won the Golden Globe for best director, several people in China questioned whether she could be called Chinese. Some people also attacked her alleging that she insulted her home country by making certain comments on its political system.

While on one hand, China has censored Zhao’s victory, on the other hand, some people came forward in the country mentioning that Chloe is a global citizen and any criticism on the basis of her nationality should be ignored.