New Delhi: Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor was never actually known for mincing his words — be it in his take on Bollywood or politics or anything under the sun. As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted in the memory of the actor as he passed away in Mumbai on Thursday, one can’t help but remember the time when Rishi Kapoor came down heavily on Rahul Gandhi and asked him not to “bulls***t people on dynasty”. Also Read - Centre Faces Tough Question as Pressure Mounts to Impose Full Lockdown in India to Beat COVID Surge

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So, here’s what happened.

In a question-answer session at the University of California, Berkeley, Rahul Gandhi who was the vice-president of the party was asked whether he was ready to take charge of the party before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It was 2017 then.

“That’s the decision that the Congress party has to make and that’s the process which is currently going on right now,” Gandhi had said.

Then a student asked him about the dynastic politics of the party.

“Most of the country runs like this. So, don’t go after me. Akhilesh Yadav is a dynast, Mr Stalin (DMK supremo M Karunanidhi’s son) is a dynast, Mr (Prem Kumar) Dhumal’s son (Anurag Thakur of the BJP) is a dynast. Even Mr Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast, also Mr Ambani. That’s what happens in India and just the way India runs. The real question is if that person is a capable, sensitive person,” Rahul Gandhi had said.

He didn’t take the name of the Kapoor family. But Rishi Kapoor decided to teach him a lesson or two on Kapoor legacy.

“Rahul Gandhi.In the 106 years of Indian cinema of India, Kapoor’s contribution is 90 years. And each generation is chosen by public on merit. By God’s grace we are in 4 generations.Prithviraj Kapoor.Raj Kapoor.Randhir Kapoor.Ranbir Kapoor-Males.Besides all others. You see otherwise. So don’t bullshit people on “Dynasty” You have to earn people’s respect and love through hard work not zabardasti and gundagardi, (sic)” Rishi Kapoor had tweeted.