In the recent episode of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ Adi gets angry on Ruhi and yells at her. He further says he needs to talk to Pihu about Shagun as she keeps on brainwashing her like she did him also when he was a teenager. Ruhi stops Adi and tells him that let Raman and Ishita handle the entire matter as Shagun is Pihu’s mother. Now Ruhi plans to make Pihu understand that she is wrong and Ishita is her real mother. ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: See how Ishita smartly deals with Shagun on spoiling her date with RamanAlso Read - Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actor Shireen Mirza Marries Hasan Sartaj in Jaipur- See Pics From Royal Wedding

Pihu further comes and ask them if they are angry with her, to which Ruhi says no. Ruhi feels bad as Pihu is her younger sister and how they cannot be angry with her. Pihu says that Raman scolded her to which Ruhi makes her understand that Raman is her father and has all rights to shout. She also tells her that she wanted to earn money and live alone which was wrong. Ruhi makes her understand that she should not make mistake like she made when she left Bhalla house and stayed all alone. Also Read - Just Married! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actor Abhishek Malik Takes Wedding Vows With Fashion Stylist Suhani Chaudhary

Pihu smartly asks Ruhi that she like Ishi maa but will she hate her when she goes. Ruhi says no and hugs her younger sister. Ruhi makes Pihu understand that Shagun is bad and is just playing with emotions. On the other hand, Ruhi tries every possible thing to protect Pihu from Shagun evil plans. Meanwhile, Ishita packs her bag and hugs Raman. Raman cries and keeps on telling her not to leave the Bhalla house. But she makes everyone understand that she is not going anywhere as she is just shifting from one house to other. Adi goes to stop Ishita but Pihu holds his hand. Shagun smiles as her plan was successful. Ishita cries her heart out but Vandu makes her understand that she has to remain strong. Also Read - TV Actor Lokendra Singh Rajawat Loses His Leg Due To Dangerously High Diabetes, Reveals 'I Developed Gangrene'

On the other hand, Ruhi and Adi makes Raman understand that he has to treat Ishita as his girlfriend and they will live life more adventurous. Mihir calls Aalia and thanks her for the headphones that she gifted him. In the previous episode, we saw that both Raman and Ishita have exchanged their duties and responsibilities and try to spend some romantic time together.

In yesterday’s episode, fans were quite disappointed to see Raman and Ishita get separated! Pihu keeps a condition in front of the entire Bhalla family that if Ishita stays at home, she will go away with Shagun. The entire Bhalla family tried hard to convince Pihu but she doesn’t give up and wants Ishita out of the house. On the other hand, Raman was in a dilemma but later on Ishita decides that she will leave Bhalla house and stay with Iyer family.

In the upcoming episodes, Raman will surprise Ishita by taking her to a dinner date. But as we all know Shagun will try to ruin their romantic time. Raman will choose Ishita’s clinic as date destination and he will even decorate her clinic well. Raman tries every possible way to spend quality time with her wife Ishita. Even during their last dinner date, Shagun brainwashed Pihu and send her along Raman.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Shagun and Pihu will come to Ishita’s clinic, wherein Shagun will say that she said that she is having a bad toothache. Ishita gets to know that she is trying to ruin their date. Ishita further takes Shagun inside her cabin and tries to treat her. But Shagun refuses to get the medication and tries to escape. Ishita tells Pihu to tell her Shagun mom to get treated as her teeths are dirty. We all know that Shagun cannot refuse Pihu’s request and agrees for the treatment.

The best part of the episode will be when Ishita gives anesthesia to Shagun and she won’t be able to speak for many hours. Stay tuned for more updates on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.