In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we see that Raman and Ishita come back home under the effect of bhang. Trisha comes with them and asks them where is Sohail. Raman and Ishita take her lightly and say they don’t know. Raman calls her a bad woman and Trisha shouts at Raman. Ishita hits her for shouting at Raman and asks her to say sorry. Trisha goes mad seeing their madness under the effect of bhang and goes away. As she goes out the plain clothes policeman sees her and enquires but does not recognize her. Trisha comes to know that he is a policeman and understands it is Ishita’s plan to catch Nidhi. Also Read - Don’t Try To Be a Hero! Divyanka Tripathi Gives Befitting Reply To Troll Who Asked Her To Learn To Live Sans Makeup

Shagun asks Mani to leave and he says they should wait. He feels he cannot leave Nidhi in the house alone. He makes excuses but Shagun insists they should go. Mani says he will inform Alia they are going and Shagun says she will say bye to Pihu and come. Mani goes looking for Trisha. Mani tells they want to go home but Trisha says she will not go. She orders Mani to go home and she will come only after she has spoiled Ishita’s plan. Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Shares Her Struggle With PCOS, Gives Tips And Hacks to Curb It

Pihu sees Gulabo and goes to her with Kulfi. Trisha sees her talking to the man dressed as Gulabo. He makes her eat a gujiya forcefully and Pihu realizes he is not Raman. The man says Raman has sent him to her. Pihu says no one knows Raman is Gulabo. He says Raman wants to surprise everyone that he is Gulabo and asks her to come along. Pihu says she is feeling sleepy. She does not realize it is because of the gujiya he had given her. The man who is the actual Gulabo asks her to wait till he gets the car. Trisha understands he is trying to kidnap Pihu and thinks maybe this man can be of use to her in future. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 March 2017 written update, full episode: Injured Trisha accidentally visits Ishita’s clinic!) Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Winner Announced: Karishma Tanna Lifts The Trophy, Gets Rs 30 Lakh And a Swanky Car

Adi takes Alia to a secluded place in the Holi ground and asks Ali to kiss him. Alia asks him to close his eyes and runs away. She asks him to catch her and they go outside the Holi ground running after each other. Suddenly Alia and Adi see Pihu sitting outside. Watch the next episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein here to see how the original Gulabo who had planned to kidnap Pihu, kidnaps Trisha! The Bhallas on the other hand are enjoying Raman and Ishita’s hilarious acts under the influence of bhang!