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The Christmas party was a grand success with an overdose of Santa Claus’. The next day Santosh Kaur and her husband, Raman’s parents, gift Raman and Ishita a new year’s trip to Dubai with all travel and accommodation arrangements done. Ashok and Sooraj are discussing how the things that happened in their house party by Mihika was all wrong. Ashok is pissed off after he gets a mobile alert from his bank that his card has been used to shop for items worth 10 lakh rupees. Adi and Ishita are invited to Ishita’s home for breakfast and they have a good time eating daal vadas and chutney. Also Read - Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Hotties Anita Hassanandani, Aditi Bhatia And Krishna Mukherjee Enjoys Pool Time in Goa, See Bikini Pics

Shagun leaves the Bhalla house pretending to go out for job interviews but is actually at a friend’s place playing cards. Mihika enters the house with lots of people carrying big boxes when Ashok asks Mihika why she bought a new TV and new fridge when all these items are already in the house. Mihika says that everything in the house has Shagun’s touch on it because she had bought all of it and used it. She tries to instigate Ashok to hit her but Ashok pacifies her and tells her that she can do whatever she wants. Also Read - Uri: The Surgical Strike Actor Navtej Hundal Passes Away

Ishita goes to the school to pick up Adi and Ruhi when she sees Adi coming out of the school. He grabs the car keys from Ishita’s hand and sits in the car. Ishita gets into the car and drives the kids home when Ruhi says that there was a big celebration in school and they got chocolates while Shravan also had a good time. After Adi and Shravan leave the car, Ruhi says that Adi had peed his pants in school. Ishita and Ruhi discuss the matter and Ishita convinces Ruhi that she will take care of the matter but they should keep this information with themselves.

Ishita checks the bedsheet and remembers all the odd behaviour she had experienced with Adi and she is finally able to piece together why Adi has been acting crazy. She feels sad for him that he has to undergo such stress as a kid which will hamper his growth at this tender age. She decides that the family has to show him love and convince him that they are there with Adi no matter what happens so that he can grow in an atmosphere where he doesn’t feel threatened or has to feel scared of committing a mistake no matter how small it is.

Shravan and Adi ate playing Uno when Shravan loses and starts teasing Adi of peeing in his pants at school. Ishita scolds Shravan for teasing Adi about what happened in school but Shravan feels that Ishita should scold Adi for beating him up. Shravan feels that Ishita has been injust and storms away and Adi also runs away before Ishita can talk to him. Ishita, Raman and Shagun discuss the matter and conclude that Adi needs help to deal with the unnecessary pressure he has been going through due to the complications in the family.