Trollers are everywhere on social media and time and again they forget their limits and say hurtful and disrespectful things towards celebs. Zareen Khan may not be you A-list actress, but that doesn’t make give her any immunity from attention from these trollers. Often taken down for her similarity to another more popular actress or for her big, fat frame, she decided to get into a face off with one of her haters. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli on her journey in the show, bond with Rahul Vaidya and more [EXCLUSIVE]

The actress, who stepped into films with Salman Khan in Veer, was recently on MTV troll police and she handled her troll in a way that all big, fat women will be able to relate to. The terms used to define size have always said in a demeaning manner, often to highlight a perceived ‘flaw’ in a person. And Zareen turned the ‘insult’ right on its head and showed the troller how messing with a woman who is big in size can prove fatal. In the video that is going viral right now, Zareen tells the troller, “mere haath tere mooh se bada hai, ek tamacha maarongi toh kahan jabda toot ke girega pata bhi nahi chalega…” (my palm is bigger than your face, just one slap and you will have a broken jaw)… now this is a line a lot of fat women must’ve used on those trying to take them down because of their size. Also Read - Sohail Khan Extends Support to Rakhi Sawant in a Video, Says 'Call me Directly'

All we can do is put our hands together and clap for Zareen for saying it as it is ought to be said! You Go Girl! Also Read - Salman Khan Mocks Arshi Khan For Her Golden Dress: Tu Bigg Boss Ka Sofa Pehen Kar Aayi Hai

The actress was last seen playing a seductress in Aksar 2 and Vikram Bhatt’s horror film 1921. Both the films couldn’t leave much impact. There is no confirmation about what she has signed on for as her next project.