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Los Angeles, Aug 3 : Actress Zoe Saldana has praised singer Britney Spears‘ humble attitude. The “Avatar” actress, who worked with Spears in the 2002 release “Crossroads”, has a “huge amount of respect” for the latter, reports “She was the one big, big celebrity that I met when I was starting to work in Hollywood, who literally was humble. I do believe that people and children gravitate to good energy, and she’s definitely an abundance of that,” said the 36-year-old. Also Read - US Woman Wears Bikini Made of Masks to Protest Against COVID-19 Restrictions, Slammed Online

Defending the pop star’s recent leaked version of her track “Alien” without auto-tune, Saldana said: “I’m pretty sure that 80 percent of our musical artists would be mortified if they were caught singing without auto-tune.”  “She was the only pop star at that time – and I can name a lot of prominent figures right now that today are more famous than Britney – that literally got to where they were at by hating on Britney a lot.” Also Read - YouTuber Leaves Handwritten Note After Scratching Neighbour's Car, Resident's Response is Winning Hearts

“Because it was cool at one time to really just diss her. And Britney never did that,” said Saldana.