It is widely acknowledged that on this auspicious festival celebrated by Hindus and Jains marking spring people head out to buy gold.Akshaya means ‘eternal’ and Tritiya means ‘third’ which indicates to the third day of Vaisakha month in the Hindu calendar. This day is observed by both Hindus and Jains all over the world and is also considered an auspicious day for new beginnings or new investments.Also Read - Indians Bought 140.3 Tonnes Of Jewellery In Q2'22; 43% Up Vis-à-Vis Q1'22

In recent times, however, a lot of the focus has become on gold prices and how to go about buying gold leaving out all the other traditions that are observed on this day and are also considered auspicious. Buying gold is considered a good investment but some people can’t afford it and for them, there are alternative options. You can see below a list of the other ways this festival can be celebrated. However, people who can afford it should definitely use this day for auspicious investments. Also Read - Banks to Remain Closed for 3 Days in a Row In May | Check Dates Here

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Puja: Perform a simple puja within the auspicious mahurat time taken out especially for this day. This simple task performed with the family will bring in all the good energy on this day and help in celebrating with fervour. Also Read - 5 Tips That Will Save You From Being Cheated While Buying Gold Or Diamond | Akshaya Tritiya

Donate Food- Donating food to the homeless people, poor people or animals will create a sense of happiness and accomplishment on this auspicious day. The people who are starving will definitely bless you and thereby create feelings of spreading good vibes.

Get Married- Since this day is considered a prosperous and opportune moment for starting a new chapter, what is better than starting a new journey with by getting married

Buy Car- Buying a big ticket item like a car can be quite costly and people who are looking to bring their new car home on an auspicious day can choose this day.

Start New Business- If one is looking to start a new venture or business then this would be an apt day to finally open the books associated with this new business and also kick-off the rest of the formalities.

Plant trees- Planting a tree on this day is also considered auspicious and this is like giving back to nature that always gives to us unconditionally.