Apara Ekadashi 2020: May 18 marks the holy Hindu event of Apara Ekadashi to take blessings from Lord Vishnu. The occasion if well-known as Jyestha Krishna Ekadashi also. This Ekadashi is observed by all Hinduism followers. It is believed that by observing Apara Ekadashi vrat all the sins of the person will be washed away. The fasting day falls on the eleventh day during the Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha. It is believed that by keeping fast, all the sins of the person will be washed away.Also Read - From Sita Navami to Vaishakha Purnima, Complete List of Festivals in May 2020

On Ekadashi, beans and grains are not eaten by the person who fasts during because they are believed to be contaminated by sin. Instead, they can eat fruits, vegetables, and milk products. Also Read - Apara Ekadashi 2018: Know About the Date, Significance, Puja Vidhi and Important Timings For Praying to Lord Vishnu

Apara Ekadashi 2020: Rituals

On Apara Ekadashi, devotees should take special care of their puja and complete all the rituals with devotion and dedication. Whosoever will fast, has to get up early morning before the sunrise and take bath. The devotees then offer Tulsi leaves, flowers, dhoop and sweets to Lord Vishnu and listen to Apara Ekadashi vrat katha.

The most difficult thing in Apara Ekadashi is fasting. On the 10th day, devotes observe a strict fast by not eating anything- no water and food. For a section of people, who want to fast, but cannot, they choose for Falahar- fasting with only fruits. The fast ends on the 12th day after sunrise. It is said that applying oil on the body is prohibited on an Ekadashi.

Puja timings of Apara Ekadashi:

Date: 18, May 2020

Tithi begins on May 17, 2020, i.e. Sunday, from 12:42 PM

Tithi ends on May 18, 2020, i.e. Monday, till 03:08 PM

Apara Ekadashi Katha / mantra:

Apara Ekadashi mantra