We are all created differently no matter the race, creed or colour and we are all special no matter what. Just like we have distinguishing features our bodies also have their own capabilities and disabilities. As Autistic Pride Day 2020 is held today, we take a look at why the day is marked on June 18 each year and why it is important.Also Read - World Day Against Child Labour 2020: How You Can Protect Children From Child Labour

Autistic Pride Day is connected to autism, a neurological developmental disability that affects the processing of information in the brain. It also affects communication, the ability to interact socially, obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours. Its causes are not fully understood, and the affect it has on children varies, as its symptoms and characteristics appear in a variety of combination. Also Read - World Health Day 2020: Famous Quotes to Read And Share With Your Loved Ones

Beginning of Autistic Pride Day:

The first time Autistic Pride Day was held was in 2005 in Brazil, with the theme ‘Acceptance Not Cure’. It was inspired by LGBT pride events, and the event was held by the online community Aspies for Freedom (AFF). It is an autistic community event that was started by the autistic people themselves. The rainbow infinity symbol represents ‘diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities’. Also Read - Early Signs And Alternative Treatment Options For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Importance of Autistic Pride Day:

The purpose of Autistic Pride is to show to the world that they are proud of being autistic and that they are not diseased or defective or in need of a cure. The day is marked to bring about awareness that people suffering from autism have as much right to live a happy and fulfilled life as neurotypicals.