Bhai Dooj is celebrated on November 9, 2018. The festival shares the love between brothers and sisters. It signifies a brother’s responsibilities towards his sister and a sister’s blessings and prayers for her brother. Once this ritual is over, the brother in turn gives the sister the most adorable gift in way of cash or sweets. The festival has some ceremonies to follow marked with grand feast for brothers. In India, we celebrate this special relationship twice, first Raksha Bandhan and then Bhai Dooj. On this auspicious day, sisters apply tilak or a vermilion mark on their brother’s forehead and perform aarti which signifies love and protection from evil forces. Bhai means brother and Dooj means the second day after the new moon, the day of the festival.

On this occasion, we have shared messages, quotes and shayaris which you can send to your loved ones. We just hope you celebrate and strengthen the bond of love with your siblings. Wish you’ll a very Happy Bhai Dooj!

Here are a few best messages on Bhai Dooj:


My brother is my best friend. You stand by me when I am alone you make feel happy when I am low. Thanks for being for me always Dear Brother. Happy Bhai Dooj.

You can share your pain;
You can share your fears;
And you can share your happiness
Thanks for being a very understanding brother!
Happy Bhaiya Dooj!

Bhaiyaa, you are someone
I admire and look up to,
with lots and lots of love wishing you
Happy Bhai Dooj 

Wish you the days that bring you happiness infinite and a life that’s prosperous and bright…
Happy Bhai Dooj 

May this Bhai Dooj strengthen our bond more than ever and bring joy and prosperity. Best wishes for Bhai Dooj.

Like the love of Lord Krishna for his sister Subhadra, all brother should love their sister and like the blessings of Subhadra for his brother Krishna, all sisters should always pray for their Brothers. Happy Bhai Dooj.

You were always my best friend,
Looking out for me, making sure
The path I travelled on was smooth.
Even if I searched the world over,
There cannot be a better brother than you.
Happy Bhai Dooj!

Bhai Dooj is festival of prayers from sister to brother, brother’s protection for her sister. May this year we all celebrate it with even more love and protection for our sisters and brothers. Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj.

This is for the most wonderful sister of this world, Thank you sister for always being there on my side and for helping me in those infinite ways which I cannot even remember. Happy Bhai Dooj! 

My love for you is measureless. My blessings to you are unlimited. Dear Brother you will always be my friend a guide and a hero. Happy Bhaidooj.