We all, at one point of time, must have encountered that one irritating individual who thinks that using caps lock will get the point across better and not frustrate the receiver of the text. Some do it deliberately to annoy a person, while others try to show their anger by sending an all ‘CAPS’ text. Tired with the way people used the Caps Lock, June 28 was marked as Caps Lock Day.Also Read - National Doctor's Day 2020: History And Significance of The Day in India

What is Caps Lock? It is just a button on a computer keyboard that when activated results in all letters of Cyrillic and Latin based scripts emerging in capital letters. The only way you can revert to the normal small letters or lowercase is by pressing the button again. Some people can be excused if they type in Caps Lock, as it is not so easy to see if it is turned off or on, but most keyboards that are new do come with an indicator which lights up when the Caps Lock button is pressed. Also Read - International Day of Parliamentarism 2020: History And Significance of The Day

History of Caps Lock Day:

The establishment of Caps Lock Day came about in the year 2000 when a resident of Iowa, Derek Arnold, decided that he has had enough of people using all caps to express themselves on the web. Also Read - International Asteroid Day 2020: How And Why The Day Came to be Marked on June 30

Significance of Caps Lock Day:

Derek Arnold created Caps Lock Day with the idea to poke fun at people who often use this kind of typing style. But it is also an appropriate day to make people aware of how irritating they can be when they type in caps, and also when caps should be used.

How to Celebrate Caps Lock Day:

Well for starters you could just remember not to use caps lock unnecessarily yourself, and you could also educate your friends and family members about why it is not appropriate to use Caps Lock when communicating.

An extra bit of information – there are two Caps Lock Day. One is celebrated on June 28 and the other on October 22.