Dhanteras 2020: The occasion of Dhanteras is here and as per Hindu rituals, Dhan Kuber is worshipped on this day. This year, Dhanteras is falling on November 13, 2020, and the auspicious time to worship is from 5.30 pm to 6 pm. Although it is auspicious to buy things on Dhanteras there are a few things which shouldn’t be bought on this day, suggests astrologists. Also Read - Surya Grahan 2021 LIVE: Latest Updates From Today's Solar Eclipse

1. Avoid buying Steel Utensils On This Day. Many people bring steel utensils home on the day of Dhanteras while doing so should be avoided. Steel is not a pure metal. Rahu also has more influence on this. You should only buy natural metals. Only brass can be purchased from man-made metal. Also Read - Happy Vat Savitri Vrat 2021: Best Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Whatsapp Forwards That You Can Share With Your Family

2. Aluminium is an indicator of bad luck.  Some people also buy aluminum utensils or goods on Dhanteras. Rahu has an influence on this metal. Aluminum is considered an indicator of bad luck. Avoid bringing any new aluminum item on Dhanteras. Also Read - Akshaya Tritiya 2021: 5 Things to do Today That Are as Auspicious as Buying Gold

3. Avoid Iron: Do not make the mistake of buying things made of iron on Dhanteras. Doing this will not please Dhan Kubera.

4. Do not invest in buying sharp items including a knife, scissors, or any sharp weapon. Buying these things on Dhanteras is not considered auspicious.

5. On Dhanteras, some people bring home things made of plastic. Explain that plastic does not give Barkat. Therefore, do not bring any kind of plastic items home on Dhanteras.

6. Avoid buying ceramic utensils or bouquets on Dhanteras. These things do not have stability, and astrologers say that these utensils do not bring prosperity.

7. Some people buy glass utensils or glass related products on Dhanteras. The glass is believed to be related to Rahu, so it should be avoided on the day of Dhanteras. Glass items should not be used on this day.

8. Avoid buying anything black, black brings bad luck according to astrologists.

9. On the day of Dhanteras, if you are planning to buy any utensils or items of use, then take care not to bring it empty in the house. Before bringing utensils in the house, fill it with water, rice, or any other material.

10. If you are going to buy things like oil or ghee on the day of Dhanteras, be a little cautious. Such things can be adulterated and one should avoid buying impure things on this day. If you use refined at home, then also avoid buying it on this day.