The mother of all festival celebrations in India, Diwali is here. Considered the biggest Hindu festival, millions of devotees will be worshipping to Goddess Lakshmi on October 19, 2017. Diwali also known as Deepavali is called the Festival of Lights and Happiness. People witness a joy-filled atmosphere in their real lives as well as online world. While the houses are cleaned and beautifully decorated, the inbox is filled with messages and photos that bring a smile to readers’ faces. Diwali wishes begin from funny jokes on non-stop housecleaning sessions to Diwali bonuses and moves on to heartwarming greetings, GIF Images and SMS. Diwali 2017 Date & Significance: When is Deepavali? Why is Diwali Celebrated? What is Festival of Lights?

Diwali is also called the ‘Festival of Lights’. The five-day festival began on October 17 with Dhanteras and will conclude with Bhai Dooj on October 21. The main Diwali will be celebrated on Amavasya (New moon day), the darkest night of the month falling on October 19, 2017. Just like every festival celebrated in the country, Diwali has its own significance and key celebratory style.

It is that time of the year again when our mothers ensure we clean every nook and corner of the house. From buying new clothes to waiting desperately for Diwali bonuses, the festival sees it all. There is one change though we expect to see during Diwali 2017 – lesser firecrackers and the resulting pollution. While people are divided over the recent ban on firecrackers in many parts of the country, it has not stopped them from cracking jokes along with their routine rib-tickling funny Diwali jokes and messages. Diwali Rangoli Designs: 5 Easy-to-make, Colorful Rangoli Designs to Celebrate Diwali 2017.

Diwali is about spreading happiness and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. These light-hearted jokes and messages related to the festival is another way of cheering our friends and families. With individuals living and breathing memes, the Diwali jokes get even more hilarious. Here’s a collection of funny Deepavali WhatsApp GIF Images to wish Happy Diwali 2017.

This Joke Never Gets Old…


WhatsApp Message Reads: Amitabh Bachchan – “mere paas rocket hai, koti hai, chakari hai, anaar hai, mirchi bomb hai, tumhaare paas kya hai ?”
Shashi kapoor – “mere paas…
mere paas… ma…chees hai .
laga doonga sabhi pe to kuchh bhi nahin bachega.

…But There Can Be A New Twist


Diwali bonus joke

WhatsApp Message Reads: Deepaavali ke avasar par, Kisi bhi prakaar ki mithai ke photo na bhejen. Mobile mein cheentiyaan ghus jaati hain. Mithai ka dabba seedhe ghar hi pahuncha den. Kasht ke liye kshama.

WhatsApp Message Reads: Diwali is like a grand Bollywood movie – starring Badi Diwali and Choti Diwali, cameos by Dhanteras and Padwa. Special appearance by the stunt double of Raksha Bandhan – Bhai Dooj. (Joke Credit: Abish Mathew)

WhatsApp Message Reads: “Bura na maano holee hai”, yah kah kar kisine mujh par rang phenk diya tha…aaj “bura na maano diwali hai” yah kah kar, maine uss par **bam** phenk diya…aaj poora mohalla mujhe dhoondh raha hai.

Diwali jokes funny

WhatsApp Message Reads: Aankho se aansuon kee judai kar do, dil se gamon ki vidai kar do, agar dil na lage kahin toh, aa jao mere ghar..aur..mere ghar ki safai kar do…aur yaad rahe, yah offer diwali tak hi hai seemit hai.

Crack Jokes and Not Firecrackers


WhatsApp Message Reads: Ab to bas besabri se Patanjali harbel pradooshan mukt pataakhon ka intezaar hai. Jinhen jalane se ashvagandha, kapoor aur bhrangaraaj ka shuddh herbal dhuaan nikalega jo paryaavaran to shuddh karega hi saath hi kaale ghane majaboot baal bhi dega!

If you’re ROFLing reading these old and new jokes, go ahead and send this to your near and dear ones to cheer them up as well. After all the jokes (heartfelt feelings) about cleaning houses days before the festival is relatable to all. With Diwali festival preparations and celebrations in full swing, be the first to brighten up your loved ones’ day. We pray Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu deity of Wealth) and Lord Ganesh (Hindu God of Luck and Prosperity) bestow each one of you with divine blessings. Wishing all of you, a  very Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2017.